“I smoke in moderation. Only one cigar at a time.” Mark Twain.

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A Passion for the Cigar Lifestyle

My own cigar smoking experience is and has always been about gaining immense pleasure and enjoyment. Slowing things down and often reflecting on life over such a special smoke. Some of my friends agree about the immense benefits of smoking premium cigars, as a form of meditation, bringing clarity to one’s thoughts.

Above all, the beauty of a cigar is that it can be enjoyed by anyone, in isolation or in a group situation. My wife also enjoys cigar smoking and we’ve enjoyed many smoking experiences together. The whole experience is one of real tranquility and ceremony.

What first attracted me to cigars was the wonderful array of aromas and flavours. And later, I discovered the joy of maturing my premium cigars to bring out more intense aromas and flavours, by storing in a premium cigar humidor. Some friends also rub cognac or whisk(e)y inside their humidors, claiming it creates a deliciously complementary, rich aroma.

For beginners, we suggest discussing storage of premium cigars with a cigar humidor company or cigar shop. They will be able to offer good advice. In general, we advise cigar smokers to invest in two key items – the best cigar cutter and a premium humidor which suits them, maximizing their experience.

On behalf of the team at Cigar Cutter Expert, we look forward to sharing great advice and product reviews on best cigar cutters, premium humidors and more, enhancing your cigar lifestyle.

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