If you are one of the many avid cigar smokers having a large collection of cigars, you probably already know what a cigar humidor is.

Otherwise, you should know that cigars degrade over time and will become stale very quickly if you do not store them in the right conditions.

A humidor is any container with humidity control for excess moisture removal or extra moisture retention that keeps the cigars fresh

For enormous cigar collections, the cigar capacity and functionality of many humidors can be extremely problematic.

With the best 200 cigar humidor, you can store many of your favorite premium Cuban cigars.

Here are our top five picks.

Best 200 Cigar Humidor Reviews

1. Woodronic Axinite Handmade Cigar Humidor Cabinet

Our Rating: (5/5)

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Woodronic is a company of craftsmen manufacturing handmade desktop humidors, cabinet humidors, and wooden board games.

Its history lies in the skills of artisans who have five decades worth of experience in ancient woodworking techniques.

The Axinite Series is one of its medium cigar humidors boasting a large cigar capacity.

It is a cabinet-style cigar humidor available in two design finishes: ebony wood and polished piano black.


The Woodronic Axinite occupies a desk or countertop space of 10.13 by 10.13 inches and is 13.75 inches tall.

Its front cover is a swing-type door with solid brass quadrant hinges and a transparent acrylic design.

While the polished piano black variant uses several glossy coats of lacquer, the ebony wood variant uses ebony veneer.

This humidor has three Spanish cedar wood drawers that can accommodate a cigar count range of 30 to 500 cigars, depending on the ring gauge.

It can store around 200 Corona or Lonsdale cigars, but it only has a Toro or Churchill cigar capacity of 150 sticks.

If you’re into stogies or cigarillos, this humidor can accommodate cigar counts as high as 500 sticks.

Other essential features include a digital hygrometer mounted onto one of the drawers and a 2-way humidification process.

Since the hygrometer has a digital display, it is easier to see whether the humidor’s interior maintains 65-70% relative humidity.

Each drop below the optimum humidity level will remind you to adjust the conditions for storage.


  • Maintains humidity efficiently
  • Sturdy quadrant hinges
  • Elegant gold finishes on handles and hardware
  • Digital screen
  • Excellent for displaying a cigar collection
  • Mid-range pricing


  • May not hold 200 Robusto, Doble Corona, or Toro cigars
  • Only ideal for tabletop placement
  • No locking mechanism

2. The Hampton Cigar Humidor

Our Rating: (4.7/5)

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The Prestige Import Group is a family-owned business operating mainly from 200,000 cubic feet of space in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

While it only started operations in 2008 with only two employees, the Prestige Import Group has grown into a style-driven business.

Today, it continues to uphold its vision of creating custom-crafted cigar accessories.

All aficionados and cigar shops will enjoy what this company offers: cigar boxes, cigar coolers, humidor solution, cigar humidor accessories, and a whole arsenal of cigar tools.

It even has an array of antique-style table humidors, corner table humidors, and cabinet humidors.

Since you only want to start a collection of 200 cigars, let’s take a closer look at the company’s desktop humidor lineup.

One of the best-sellers is The Hampton, available in two color tones: black and blue.

What makes The Hampton unique is its beautiful leather exterior that uses a diamond pattern with red accent stitching.


The Hampton is a desktop humidor that measures 15 by 15 by 6.3 inches.

With its compact size, you can use it as a travel humidor for a large collection of cigars.

It is a top-opening high-quality wood box with a digital display inset hygrometer on the front panel.

We like that the removable humidification tray uses magnetic catches to latch on to the inner side of the lid.

You can move it from side to side depending on the space occupied by your cigars.

Other key features include a dynamic hinged upper tray and three adjustable divider panels.

While the hinged upper tray raises as you open the lid, the dividers also use magnets to stick to the box interior.


  • Excellent moisture retention
  • Removable dividers allow customized storage
  • Removable hygrometer with a calibration feature
  • Spanish cedar lining throughout the interior
  • Allows easy adjustments to the ideal humidity level
  • One of the more affordable choice


  • May not hold 200 Robusto, Doble Corona, or Toro cigars
  • Only ideal for tabletop placement
  • No locking mechanism

3. The Baccus Cigar Humidor

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

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The Prestige Import Group has a wide array of humidors on offer.

If you want something from the Prestige Import Group that has a more elegant design, look no further than The Baccus.

It has a high-gloss two-tone exterior finished in tangerine burl and black wood.

This wooden humidor sports three removable Spanish cedar trays, a top-opening compartment, and side-swing compartments.


The Baccus is a one-of-a-kind cedar tray humidor with a 200-stick cigar capacity.

It looks like something you can only get from a vintage shop.

It can easily stand as the perfect conversation piece while you share a cigar session with your family and friends.

This humidor measures 18 by 10.5 by 13.25 inches.

While it allows you to age cigars, each spacious drawer and extra storage space ensures you have all your cigar thingies in one place.

Side partitions swing out to reveal two pivoting drop compartments.

However, the drawer walls separate the side partitions from the humidification chamber, which means each works better as an accessory drawer.

In addition to the multiple compartments, this humidor has an analog hygrometer and a single humidification unit.


  • Beautiful display item for cigar bars
  • Multiple compartments for better segregation
  • Felt-layered bottom won’t scratch any surface
  • Removable drawers for easy cleaning and reorganization
  • Has a key lock for the top compartment


  • Transparent glass only shows the drawers, not the cigars
  • Need to open the top lid to check the humidity range
  • One of the more expensive options

4. The Treasure Dome Cigar Humidor

Our Rating: (4.3/5)

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The Famous Smoke Shop has a wide array of products to offer aficionados and connoisseurs, from all kinds of cigars to cigar accessories.

It is the cigar lovers’ one-stop shop for all things cigar.

Here, you can find cigar humidors of different sizes, some of which have well over the 200-stick cigar capacity.

One such option is The Treasure Dome, a high-quality wood box with a cherry finish.

It is one of the few exotic wood finishes you could find on a humidor. 


If you want something more illusive than cigar display counters, you might want The Treasure Dome’s subtler appearance.

It looks like a simple chest that won’t reveal the value and appearance of its contents unless you lift the lid.

Furthermore, it measures 18 by 12 by 10.5 inches.

This cigar chest has a 250-stogie cigar capacity, or give or take around 150 to 200 Corona or Lonsdale cigars.

Other key features include a brass and glass hygrometer, two large rectangular humidifiers, and two Spanish cedar trays with dividers.

We like that this humidor only uses the highest quality kiln-dried Spanish cedar for each removable tray.

While it is a bit bulky, it can serve as an efficient travel humidor for large cigar collections.


  • Eye-catching cherry wood finish
  • Inset carry handles for easy transport
  • Gold-plated key and lock for securing contents
  • Features an engravable nameplate


  • Higher cost than all alternatives
  • Does not have an exterior hygrometer

5. Marvero Handmade Cigar Humidor Cabinet

Our Rating: (4/5)

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Marvero is like Woodronic, specializing in handmade, finely crafted wooden humidors with flat shelves.

It has a rich history of old-age crafts and skillful woodworkers who continuously innovate for the cigar lifestyle.

This particular humidor looks like a prototype similar to the ebony wood Woodronic Axinite cigar cabinet.

The company boasts that this cigar humidor combines all the advantages of similarly priced humidors on the market.

It has a high-gloss rosewood overall finish and a black pinstripe on its corners and edges.


While this cigar humidor has almost similar dimensions and features as the Axinite, it carries the most affordable price tag among all the options.

Unlike the higher-priced Treasure Dome and Baccus variants, the Marvero works as an attractive display cabinet for a premium cigar collection.

Although not high-quality tempered glass, the front swing door does not have an acrylic design.

Compared to the Woodronic Axinite, this humidor has a glass viewing window that is easy to clean and will not fade or blur over time.

Marvero only uses quality woods to give this humidor an aged wood finish.

Other notable features include a brass-plated, glass, front-mount hygrometer, a built-in humidification system, and three large drawers with Spanish cedar lining.

Each cedar tray has a transparent front panel, and the middle drawer has the panel that holds the analog hygrometer.

This humidor measures 10.3 by 10.3 by 13.6 inches and can house up to 200 Lonsdale or Corona cigars.

Of course, if you’re one who only collects Giant, Fat, Double Corona, or Toro cigars, this cigar cabinet may only have a 150-stick cigar capacity.


  • Front panel uses glass instead of acrylic
  • Lowest price among the options
  • Timeless design of analog hygrometer
  • Tight magnetic seal on the cedar-lined door
  • Hygrometer accurate to +/- 0.5%
  • Includes ten cedar wood spills and three humidifiers


  • Drawer front panels are acrylic
  • Visible traces of glue on the cedar wood
  • Odor residue from glue and adhesives used

Which Is the Best 200-Count Cigar Humidor?

If you want us to decide for you, the best 200 cigar humidor among the options mentioned is the Woodronic Axinite.

It offers great value for the space it provides and allows you to display your collection of premium cigars.

However, if you are looking for a humidor that uses an electronic humidification element, you might want to get an electric cigar cabinet cooler.

Such a cabinet can have an automatic control humidification system, but it will surely cost much more than what we have here. Happy Puffing!