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Are you a cigar smoker, just like me, who’s tired of using ill-fitting cigarette ashtrays or just about anything else which will accommodate your cigar? The team at Cigar Cutter Expert did some research and put a great list together below, we like to call: 10 of the Best Cigar Ashtrays. Cigar ashtray product reviews are coming soon.

Prestige Import Group - Triangular Maple Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray - Dark Maple Wood and Black AccentsMantello Cigars Large Black Ceramic Cigar Ashtray for Patio/Outdoor UseThe Big Easy Tobacco Accessories Square Grid Cigar Ashtray, SilverLimited Edition Large 8.75" Arturo Fuente Porcelain Cigar AshtrayQuality Importers Ashtray 4 Cigar Crystal Ashtray, Opaque Black


6 Things To Consider When Selecting The Best Cigar Ashtray

  1. Quality Materials and Craftsmanship – sturdy, solid and well made; it won’t rust, melt or fall apart when used or washed;
  2. Reliability – self-explained but a cigar ashtray you can depend on to do the job;
  3. Functionality – to elevate a cigar from touching any surface and able to hold ash, cigar butts and used matches – fit for purpose;
  4. Design – purposely created with the cigar smoker in mind, the best cigar ashtrays can accommodate a wide range of cigar ring sizes and be easily washed (or placed in dishwasher);
  5. Appeal factor – should look and feel solid, and be attractive/impressive to use – after all we have chosen the cigar lifestyle for pure pleasure; and
  6. Value for Money – a cigar ashtray is not a once-off item, so it should be made to last for years.

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