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So what are the best cigar clips for golf carts and why on earth would you ever need to use one? If you’re out enjoying a round of golf with your friends, you want to have all the right cigar gear on hand such as a good cigar cutter, lighter, and a travel humidor for the golf course. But, if you’re prone to smoking thick, long cigars, then the odds are when it’s time for you to take your swing you’ll need to set your cigar down at some point.

Do you want to just set your cigar on the ground? Maybe a buddy will be willing to hold it for you when it’s your turn? But what if you’re playing against strangers or a quick round on your own? That’s where the cigar clip comes in. These clips are very versatile and will clip right onto your golf cart so you’ll have the perfect place to store your smoldering cigar and keep it free from dirt, debris, and other contaminants.

I’ve reviewed dozens of the leading clips on the market and narrowed it down to five of the best models around. Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that explains the similarities and differences between each of the models, so you’ll be able to easily determine which one will work best for you and your smoking and golfing needs.

Cigar Clips Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialRing Gauge LimitCostRating
Perfecto Cigar Holder
The Ninety Degree
Cigar Compadre Clip
Cigar compadre
Grip Clip Cigar Holder
Grip clip
Cigar Minder Clip
Cigar minder

Best Overall-Perfecto Cigar Holder


Our Rating: (5/5)

Unlike competing cigar clips, this model is not made out of plastic. Instead, it’s made out of a durable nylon material, so you won’t have to worry about it melting. The powerful clamp allows you to clip it to just about any surface, whether it’s a window ledge, a table, boat, or your golf cart. This model gives you the perfect place to rest your cigar when you’re playing a round of golf and comes with a portable ashtray to boot, so you can keep your cart and the green, nice and clean. This is a great buy for the avid golfer and cigar smoker.


  • Powerful clamp system
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Made out of nylon
  • Low price
  • Comes with portable ashtray
  • Can hold cigars up to 80 in ring gauge size.
  • Will not crush the cigar or damage wrapper


  • Bulky design


Compact, versatile, and designed to gently hold your cigar and contain ashes while you take your shot, this is one handy clip that all smokers need if they’re looking for a convenient way to smoke out on the course.

Best Magnetic Clip-The Ninety Degree Wedge


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This clip is made out of one hundred percent nylon and features a simple magnetic mount that makes it highly portable and easy to use. The holder easily attaches to any type of metal surface, whether you want to attach this model to your golf cart, boat, deck, or more. Its single piece design improves durability and stability during use. It will hold your cigar vertically, to promote an even burn, keeping your cigar lit as you take your shot.


  • Can handle cigar sizes ranging from 20 gauge up to 60 gauge
  • 100% nylon
  • Holds cigar without damaging wrapper
  • Promotes even burning
  • Versatile
  • Singe piece design


  • Magnets could be stronger


This versatile clip can handle ring gauge sizes ranging from twenty to sixty, easily. While the magnets could be stronger, if you’re attaching it to a level surface, you won’t have to worry about the holder sliding during use. Built tough and easy to use, this clip earned top marks.

Best Clamp-Free-Design-Cigar Compadre Clip On Holder

Cigar compadre

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Unlike competing models, this clip doesn’t use a clamp to hold the cigar. Instead, the cigar will rest snuggly in a short cigar holder, with the lit end in the air. This prevents a clamp from damaging the wrapper or crushing the cigar. The powerful clip allows you to attach it to a variety of surfaces, while the cigar is perfectly positioned to promote an even burn, preventing your cigar from going out as you take a swing.


  • Clamp-free design
  • Holds cigars up to 54 ring gauge size
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Keeps cigar lit
  • Vertical positioning


  • Can only use until the cigar gets down to a couple of inches


The clamp-free design is a huge plus since many cigar clips tend to crush the cigar or damage the wrapper. The vertical positioning promotes an even burn, while preventing your cigar from going out. Easy to use and built tough, the unique design and versatility will allow you to use this clip pretty much anywhere.

Most Versatile-Grip Clip Cigar Holder

Grip clip

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This model may not look very impressive, but it’s the only clip in my lineup that will work with cigars of all sizes. The powerful clip end can attach to any type of surface, so you can attach it to your golf cart, deck, boat, and more. It’s also made out of solid wood, complete with a beautiful mahogany finish. However, it must be positioned precisely in order to prevent it from pinching or tearing the cigar wrapper.


  • Made out of solid wood
  • Works for cigars of all sizes
  • Versatile
  • Keeps cigar clean and lit
  • Low price
  • Mahogany finish


  • Can damage wrapper is not positioned properly


This isn’t the flashiest clip around, but it’s definitely one of the most versatile. This model can handle cigars of all ring gauge sizes, is made out of solid wood, and features a beautiful mahogany finish.

Best Value-Cigar Minder Clip – All Purpose Cigar Holder

Cigar minder

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This simple cigar clip is made out of plastic and uses a light pressure spring, in order to prevent crushing, pinching, or damaging the wrapper. It works to keep your cigar in a vertical position, which will prevent it from going out during use. It can easily be attached to any type of surface and will remain securely in place. This is a great buy for the golfer on a budget in search of a powerful, yet affordable clip that won’t let them down.


  • Low price
  • Low pressure spring design
  • Available in six color options
  • Keeps cigar in vertical position
  • Won’t slide during use
  • Holds cigars up to 54 ring gauge size


  • Made out of plastic


This handy plastic cigar clip will keep your cigar in a vertical position to prevent it from going out, while also promoting an even burn. The low pressure spring system prevents the clip from pinching, crushing, or tearing the wrapper. This model is powerful, easy to use, and budget-friendly.
Why You’ll Love a Cigar Clip

As you can already see, cigar clips can come in handy, and they can be used pretty much anywhere, not just when you’re on the golf course. However, if you and your golf buddies enjoy firing one up on the course as you practice your golf chipping techniques, then these devices are the perfect accessory and a very useful one at that. Most models of cigar clips are versatile and can accommodate a variety of cigar sizes. Of course, you should do your research to ensure that the model you buy can hold the type of ring gauge you normally smoke.

Shopping Around for the Perfect Fit

Of course, it’s pretty common to see golfers smoking out on the course. There really isn’t a better way to spend a Saturday morning than with a group of friends enjoying the perfect cigar on the green. However, the idea of putting your cigar on the ground or resting it on an unclean surface when you’re up is not exactly ideal. Which is why a cigar clip is the best and easiest solution. The simple clip designs allow you to attach the holder portion of the clip directly to your golf cart while the other end carefully cradles the cigar.

You can begin your search for the right clip for your smoking needs based on the cigar size. Make sure you pay close attention to the design. You’re going to need a model that’s sturdy, stable and, designed to accommodate the size of cigar you normally smoke. If you typically smoke a wide variety of sizes then you’ll need to look for a model that’s also versatile as well. Some models also come with portable ashtrays which is definitely a must if you enjoy sitting in your golf cart driving around and smoking.



Fortunately, since cigar-smoking is now more popular than ever, more manufacturers are focusing on this type of essential accessory. There is a wide range of sizes, styles, designs, and materials to choose from. Additionally, they’re also pretty affordable compared to other types of smoking accessories.


Spending a day at the club smoking with your friends out on the green can be a totally relaxing experience. A big problem here is when you’re smoking and it’s your turn to play, you don’t have any place to set your lit cigar. Obviously the best solution here is a cigar clip which can easily clip directly onto the cart or you’re standing golf bag. Most clips have a pretty basic design so set up is simple and fast.

Design Options


As I mentioned earlier, there are many different types of models to choose from that are designed to securely hold your cigars while you play.

Most basic designs will allow you to simply clip the holder directly onto the golf cart’s frame. Of course, using this type of model will not come in handy if you’re walking the course.

When You’re Walking the Course

Some models are multi-functional and can do so much more than hold your lit cigar. They will come with a clip, or they can be opened up and placed directly into the ground. These holders that are specifically designed for golfers can also come with handy storage features that can hold a divot repair tool, golf ball marker, golf club head cleaner, bottle opener, your cigar, and a golf grip saver. To use one of these devices, all you have to do is stick the end directly into the turf and you have yourself an instant golf cigar caddy. This is the perfect option if you’ve decided to forego using your golf cart for the day and walk the course instead.

Double Duty

Some models are also designed to hold more than one cigar which will come in handy if you bring along a golf buddy. This type of design will hold up to two lit cigars and comes equipped with a clip that can grip almost anything. Of course, they’re the perfect fit for your golf cart. However, you can also use this clip if you’re sailing, fishing, or even camping. This type of versatile clip will give two cigars a safe place to rest and keep your cigars lit and free from debris.

Basic Combos

A stand and clip combo will allow you to clip the holder to your golf cart or you can turn it into a stand and set it on a table, the ground, or any type of flat surface. Most models are made out of tough stainless steel and feature a foldable, freestanding, unique design that makes them very versatile and handy to have around. This type of clip will ensure that cigar remains properly positioned in order to promote an even and smooth burn.

Gauge Size

If you’re one of those cigar aficionados who enjoy trying out new and different flavors and sizes of cigars, then you need a clip that’s more versatile and one that’s designed to hold both low and high ring gauge sizes. Some models are designed to hold more than 70 ring gauge sizes, however, there are some clips that can be used for any ring gauge size, or those that are very limited and can only accommodate sizes ranging from 20 to 60. Before you buy, check out ring gauge size recommendations, which will clearly be listed on the product’s spec sheet.

Material Type

Since you’re going to be outdoors, you should purchase a clip that’s designed to last. Lower priced clips are usually made out of cheap thin plastic. However, it’s possible to find moderately priced clips made out of thicker ABS plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. Some models are made out of a combination of polyester and nylon, and come complete was a powerful clip that can easily hang onto your golf bag. This type of design often includes an industrial-strength magnetic strip that ensures the clip will remain tightly and securely in place.

Aluminum and steel models are typically higher in price compared to plastic, however, they are well worth the extra money.


Keep in mind, once you’ve taken your shot and you’re ready to drive to the next hole, you should remove your cigar from the clip and hold it in your hand. These holders are not designed to be used when a cart is in motion, otherwise, this can result in personal injury or the total loss of your cigar.

Holders Versus Clipsholders

If you’re simply looking for a cigar holder, for those days you’re not on the course there are plenty of classy models to choose from that will work perfectly whether you’re playing a round of golf or over at a friend’s house, sitting on the patio shooting the breeze with your buddies. Models designed specifically for the course will allow you to take your cigar with you from hole to hole without the worry of it getting dirty or the cigar going out on you.

When people think of cigar smoking they often don’t consider that their cigar can go out if they set it down. However, to keep your cigar lit and going, it must be kept in a horizontal position and puffed on periodically. When you set your cigar down on the ground chances are it will go out in under a minute because when it’s lying on a flat surface there is no way for the air to circulate and keep the cigar burning.

Using a clip or holder is the perfect solution and one that will promote proper air circulation to keep your cigar lit when you’re up to take your shot. Of course, holders can be seen as more versatile since you don’t need to use a golf cart. Holders, just like clips, are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials.

How to Save Your Cigar for Later When You’re Playing Golf

If you’re enjoying the afternoon with friends out on the green and you’ve smoked half of your cigar but you don’t have it in you to finish off the last 20 minutes, there is a way to save it for later and cut down on waste. Of course, if it’s a cheap cigar you can simply toss it, however, if you’re a serious smoker and you spend quite a bit on each cigar, then it’s definitely worth saving. Of course, once a cigar is lit and you put it out, there’s no way that you can preserve the original flavor. However, you can help to reduce the loss and possibly save the remnants for a future smoking session.

  • The first step is putting the cigar out. Next, use a cigar cutter and cut half an inch off the end of the cigar. It should be done directly behind the ash line. Next, wrap the end using a handkerchief or another type of cloth.
  • Whatever you do, you do not want to put the cigar back in your humidor. Doing so can negatively impact the flavor of your brand new cigars that are stored inside. This half-smoked cigar should be kept separately to prevent it from affecting the other cigars in your stockpile. You can also just simply put it back in its wrapper if you still have it.
  • If you don’t still have the wrapper, you can easily use a small piece of Saran Wrap and seal off the end. Once you’re ready to smoke it again, hold the flame to the foot, blowing out as you light it. This will work to clear out some of the nasty flavor that comes with relighting a cigar.
  • After it’s been wrapped, you’ll need to smoke it within one to two days, otherwise, you may as well just toss it out. While it won’t taste quite as good as it did when it was new, you’ll still get some use out of it and you won’t feel so guilty about tossing a high-quality cigar out.

Final Thoughts

Using cigar clips for golf carts will keep your cigar lit, clean, and ready for smoking once you’ve taken your shot.  As you can see, there are many different shapes, styles, and types of clips to choose from. Each model is designed to keep your cigar in a horizontal position to prevent it from going out and to ensure a smooth and even burn. They also work well to keep your cigar free from dirt, dust, and debris, even on windy days. The most versatile models will also come equipped with a foldable design that allows you to also turn it into a stand so you can set it down on an upright surface, for those days you decide to walk the course. The bottom line, if you’re a serious cigar smoker and golfer, then this is one accessory you can’t do without.