Best Cigar Cutter

Best Cigar Cutter
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The best advice you will gain from any cigar aficionado is to invest in the best cigar cutter and humidor you can afford.

Your premium cigars will thank you as experience does matter.

For most novices, a cheap cigar cutter may seem fine at first glance, until it ruins a fine cigar. How so?

Simply, because the best cigar cutter is made from quality materials and uses precision blades as part of good product design. Ensuring a clean cut of the cigar’s cap, slicing through the filler leaves, which means a good draw of airflow, for a pleasurable cigar smoking experience.

A cheap cigar cutter will likely compact the leaves and may tear them, creating a lack of airflow and producing a poor burn resulting in a poor experience.

So, why not avoid the risk of ruining premium cigars by investing a little more and buying one of the best cigar cutters.

There are many types of cigar cutters and we review some of the best, under the following categories:

Guillotine or Straight Cigar Cutter

Many cigar aficionados love the single blade guillotine or straight cigar cutter due to its precise, clean cut to the cigar’s cap. The double-blade type is highly preferred as it cuts from both sides without tearing the cigar wrapper.

Wedge Cigar Cutter

A wedge cigar cutter makes a notched hole resembling a V-cut. It’s innovative, slicing from one side at the same depth, resulting in a generous amount of surface area.

Punch Cutter

The punch cutter also makes a hole through the cigar’s cap, using a circular blade. The cigar smoker must ensure that the hole made to their cigar’s cap is large enough for a quality draw. There is a risk if the hole is too small, as the cigar will not smoke easily nor maintain a good burn. Cigar smokers may find that two holes are necessary to be punched into their cigar cap.

Cigar Scissors

This cigar cutter contains unique technical specifications such as being made from stainless steel, to guarantee a clean cut. It is imperative to purchase a high-quality, if not the best cigar scissors, to avoid any tearing or damage to the cigar’s wrap.

How to Evaluate the Best Cigar Cutter

How to Evaluate the Best Cigar Cutter

Researching to find the best cigar cutter for your purposes and of your liking, is worth the small time investment. A cigar cutter is one of the best investments a cigar smoker can make, as it will last many years and provide the greatest convenience. The evaluation criteria should include reliability gained via product reviews, quality performance ratings, solid craftsmanship and materials. These are standard considerations for every cigar smoker as part of the decision-making process.

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