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Best & Premium Cigar Humidors
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The best cigar humidor provides storage for cigars at a humidity level of around 70%. This is the level for maintaining the quality of of your premium cigars.

There is a large choice when considering the best cigar humidor to buy. Cigar humidors come in the following types: Travel, Personal, Cabinet or Walk-in. Here’s a quick run down at the various types…

Travel Cigar Humidor

These humidors are portable and can hold between 2 to 10 cigars. Premium leather cigar holders are also used for holding between 1-3 cigars when travelling or away from the larger personal cigar humidor.

Personal Cigar Humidor

Normally a specially-made wooden humidor stored in the home or office for personal use. These cigar humidors hold anything from 20-75 cigars, being the equivalent of one to three boxes of 25 cigars, depending on the humidor’s capacity and the size of the cigars.

Cabinet Cigar Humidor

Cigar cabinet humidors are floor-standing display units, for storing a minimum of 1,000+ premium cigars. They can be used for both personal or commercial purposes. Often they look like a stylish piece of furniture.

Walk-in Cigar Humidor

Occupying a whole room (think big!), the walk-in cigar humidor is usually found in cigar shops and stores, cigar lounges, bars or clubs. The quantity of cigars stored is normally in their thousands.

How to Decide on the Best Cigar Humidor

There are a few considerations before deciding on the best cigar humidor to buy. If you are still unsure, click on cigar humidor advice to learn more about finding the best cigar humidor for you.

We also suggest you read our cigar humidor reviews to learn more about the quality and construction elements which go into making the best cigar humidors. The user reviews and experiences are worth reading, as deciding on the best cigar humidor is an important decision for a cigar smoker.

In addition to the quality aspect, working out how many cigars you smoke; how often you prefer to stock up on cigars; and what you’re willing to spend on the best cigar humidor, are other considerations.

Most cigar smokers have different needs so choosing the best cigar humidor is quite a personal decision. One thing is certain, there is great pleasure in opening a humidor to inhale the wonderful cigar aromas, as you decide on which superb cigar to smoke next!

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