Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned smoker, the best small humidor can be a great way to store your cigars and keep them fresh. With a quality humidor, your collection will remain in perfect condition for years to come.

Don’t let your precious cigars go to waste due to poor storage conditions. Let any of these premium humidors elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

Best Small Humidor Reviews

1. Bald Eagle Handmade Cigar Humidor

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The Bald Eagle Cigar Desktop Humidor is the perfect cigar storage solution for cigar enthusiasts. It is crafted with the finest Spanish cedar wood and features a rich dark walnut finish and a velvet bottom. In addition to its functionality, it adds a nice touch and protects the box from damage.

Not only is the Spanish cedar wood aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides a natural aroma that harmonizes well with the aroma of tobacco. The wood is also a natural insect repellent, reducing the risk of tobacco beetles.

This wood humidor comes with a small, movable partition board to help organize and fix cigars. It can hold 20 to 25 cigars and includes a humidifier and hygrometer to ensure uniform humidity and protect against tobacco beetles.

Moreover, this quality humidor is sealed with a stainless steel hinge that opens to a 90-degree angle. It also closes easily, keeping extra moisture out and preserving the cigars in the best possible way. This impressive design makes it a great gift for anyone who enjoys cigars.


  • Attractive and well-made design
  • Holds humidity well if seasoned properly
  • Lets you check the cigars without opening the box
  • Storage capacity of up to 25 cigars
  • Relatively affordable humidor
  • Good starter humidor
  • Great gift option  


  • Can take a while to reach desired humidity levels
  • May arrive dented

2. Mantello Cigar Royal Glass-Top Humidor Cigar Box

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Looking for a top-notch way to keep your cigar collection in pristine condition? Look no further than the Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor. This humidor comes with all the features you need to organize and maintain your cigars with ease.

The built-in analog hygrometer and humidifier allow you to monitor and adjust the humidity levels inside the box at all times. It can hold anywhere from 25 to 50 cigars, depending on the ring size. That said, a removable cedar divider makes organization simple.

The excellent seal on this humidor ensures that moisture stays out, while the Spanish cedar lining helps preserve your cigars and enhance their taste and aroma. The felt-lined bottom ensures that your cigars won’t get scratched.

With its polished cherry wood exterior finish and glass top, you can show off your collection without even opening the box. The hand-crafted rosewood finish and gold-plated hinges give this simple humidor an elegant and sophisticated look that is sure to impress any cigar aficionado.


  • Beautiful design with cherry finish
  • Spanish cedar wood interior
  • Comes with a hygrometer and divider
  • Great gift for cigar aficionados
  • Has an airtight seal
  • Budget humidor


  • Divider does not fit snugly
  • Hygrometer is inaccurately low
  • Does not hold as much humidity as other cigar boxes.

3. TISFA Acrylic Cigar Humidor

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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cigar smoker, the TISFA Acrylic Cigar Humidor is an excellent choice for keeping your cigars fresh and flavorful.

Crafted from high-quality acrylic material, this humidor has a classic, high-end look that’s both sturdy and durable. It can hold up to 20 cigars, depending on their ring gauge, and features a rubber gasket seal and clasp locking system to ensure that the vessel is completely sealed.

The humidor also includes a built-in humidifier, a cedar wood bottom, and an adjustable hygrometer, so you can customize the humidity levels to your liking. And with a transparent window display, you can easily view your cigars without having to open the humidor.

This humidor makes a great gift for cigar aficionados and comes with instructions on how to use it. Plus, it’s backed by a satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured that you’re making a wise investment in your cigar collection.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Can hold 15 to 20 cigars (S)
  • Includes humidifier and hygrometer
  • Keeps humidity levels well
  • Perfect for a small stash


  • Hygrometer not centered
  • May have questionable quality control

4. CiTree Cigar Travel Humidor

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If you’re a cigar aficionado on the go, the CiTree Cigar Travel Humidor is the perfect way to store and transport your cigars with style and safety. The exterior is both stylish and durable, with three different leather styles to choose from.

It’s crafted from a combination of cedar wood and leather and features an interior cedar wood tray with a secure leather strap. It can store up to four cigars of a maximum length of 7.0 and ring gauge 56.

This humidor set also includes a refillable three-jet flame lighter and a premium cigar cutter. It has two enlarged pockets, perfect for holding thicker cigar cutters and the lighter.

This cigar travel humidor is suitable for use at home or on the road, whether you’re on vacation abroad, camping, on a road trip, or anywhere else away from home. Plus, with top-notch customer service and a 30-day hassle-free, no questions asked return and money-back policy, it is a wise investment for any cigar enthusiast.


  • Sleek design
  • Great packaging and Spanish cedar smell
  • Removable tray for both short and long trips
  • Well-built and good quality
  • Good value for price
  • Comes in a felt bag to protect the leather


  • Does not hold humidity level consistently
  • Holder is too tight to fit 60-gram Boveda humidity packs

5. XIFEI Glass-Top Cigar Humidor


The XIFEI Cigar Humidor can hold between 25 and 60 cigars and comes with a cigar cutter, acrylic cigar holder, ashtray, and a 100-ml bottle of humidor solution. With a removable cedar divider and a transparent glass top, you can easily see and organize the contents of the humidor.

Crafted with superior materials like carbon fiber texture top and Spanish cedar wood veneer, this humidor is both hard and resistant to moisture and pressure. The scratch-resistant velvet felt bottom, and stainless steel hinges add durability and style to the design.

The included adjustable hygrometer allows you to monitor the humidity of your cigars while the humidifier keeps it at the perfect level. These features make this wood humidor the perfect combination of quality and convenience. It also makes an excellent gift for any cigar aficionado.


  • Looks nice and eye-catching
  • Good cigar capacity for beginners
  • Elegant carbon fiber pattern on the outside
  • Good gift idea
  • Includes additional cigar accessories
  • Easily adjustable hygrometer


  • Doesn’t hold humidity for long
  • Wood may produce mold
  • Doesn’t fit Churchill cigars

Small Humidor FAQs

1. What is the difference between an analog and a digital hygrometer?

Analog hygrometers use a mechanism that measures relative humidity through a coil of hair or synthetic material that expands and contracts in response to changes in moisture levels. In contrast, digital hygrometers use a sensor that detects the changes in electrical resistance to measure humidity levels.

Digital hygrometers are generally considered more accurate, while analog hygrometers are often preferred for their traditional look and feel.

2. Are wooden humidors good for cigar collections?

Wooden humidors, especially those made with Spanish cedar, are popular for storing and aging cigars. That’s because they help regulate humidity levels and impart flavors and aromas to the cigars, enhancing their taste and aroma over time.

3. Are cigar boxes better than humidors?

Cigar boxes are not as effective as humidors in maintaining ideal humidity levels for cigars. They are often not airtight, lack proper humidification devices, and do not have the necessary materials to help regulate humidity and enhance the original flavor of the cigars.

4. What kind of humidor should I get for a cigar collection of 25-50 cigars?

It’s important to choose a humidor that is the right size for your collection to ensure that your cigars age and develop properly. For a cigar collection of 25 to 50 cigars, a desktop humidor with a capacity of at least 50 cigars would be a good choice.

Look for medium humidors made with quality materials like Spanish cedar, with an airtight seal, a humidification device, and an accurate hygrometer to maintain ideal humidity levels for your cigars.

5. Is it better to get a wooden or acrylic humidor?

Both wooden and acrylic humidors can effectively maintain proper humidity levels for cigars. Wooden humidors, especially those made with Spanish cedar, are more traditional and can impart flavors and aromas to cigars. In comparison, acrylic humidors are more modern and offer a clear view of the contents.

Which Small Humidor Should You Buy?

No matter what size the cigar collection is, it is essential to ensure that the cigars remain fresh with the optimum humidity level.

From these humidor options, the Bald Eagle Cedar Cigar Desktop Humidor is the best small humidor for cigar lovers. It is beautifully crafted, practical, and includes all the necessary components to maintain the perfect humidity for cigars.

It is made with quality materials like Spanish cedar, with a storage capacity of up to 25 cigars. It features an airtight seal, a hygrometer, and a humidifier to maintain proper humidity levels. All in all, its unique design and hand-crafted details make it an attractive option for cigar enthusiasts.