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If you’re not a newbie, then you already know how important it is to store your cigars in a controlled environment, keeping them safe from intense heat and cold. But did you know that cigars tend to dry out rapidly? Because of this, the pros know that they need a travel-friendly humidor on hand if they plan on taking a cigar along for a day out and about.

But on the golf course, if you’re playing in intense heat, or near a water source, your cigars are more likely to dry out or have a bitter taste due to high temperatures and uncontrolled humidity levels. So, if you plan on impressing your friends during your next round of golf, then buying one of the best travel humidors is the right choice. Good humidors will provide perfect climate control and come equipped with a genuine seal that will keep your cigars fresh. Keep in mind, not every model is created equal, so you’ll come across models that are designed to keep your cigars extremely fresh but will only really dry them out since the humidor is not made out of the right type of material.

When you’re shopping around for a new humidor for the golf course there are some things you should keep in mind and some features to look for to ensure that you get the right type of model that actually works the way it should.

I’ve included reviews of the top five travel-friendly models on the market. Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that will list the similarities and differences between each of these best-selling models.

Travel Humidors Comparison Chart

Cigar Caddy 3400-R
Cigar Caddy
5Humidifier disk
F.e.s.s. Fess Golf Humidor
9Humidifier and cigar cutter
AMANCY Portable Humidor
5Humidifier and hygrometer
Volenx Leather Cigar Case
3Cigar cutter
Mrs. Brog Travel Humidor
Mrs. Brog

Best Overall-Cigar Caddy 3400-R Blaze 5 Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor

Cigar Caddy

Our Rating: (5/5)

This travel-friendly model will be right at home on the golf course. It can easily store up to five cigars, features a waterproof design, complete with an airtight seal, and has the ability to handle submersion up to one hundred feet. It also comes with a single humidifier disc that slides right into the lid. For ultimate protection, the lid latches securely in place with the use of a couple of locking clasps.


  • Waterproof up to one hundred feet
  • Can hold up to five cigars
  • Includes humidifier disc
  • Crushproof case
  • Low price


  • Does not allow for precise temperature control
  • Humidifier discs must be replaced every six months


This model can withstand temperatures as low as minus ten degrees, up to one hundred and seventy-five degrees. Its crushproof design will keep your cigars safe from damage, while maintaining freshness. Highly portable, and almost indestructible, this model is perfect for the golf course.

Best Value-F.e.s.s. Fess Golf Gift Set Mini Golf Bag Humidor


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is a great gift set for an avid golfer. The humidor is actually shaped like a mini golf bag and comes with a clip that you can use to attach it directly to your full-sized golf bag. It can store up to nine cigars with a ring size of fifty or less. It also comes with a free humidifier and cigar cutter.


  • Free cigar cutter
  • Free humidifier
  • Nine cigar capacity
  • Includes clip
  • Lightweight


  • Can only store cigars at a 50 ring gauge or less
  • Not waterproof


This lightweight, mini golf bag shaped travel humidor is perfect for the golf enthusiast who’s learning how to get out of a bunker, or practicing driving fundamentals. Easy and convenient to use, it also includes some great extras that all cigar smokers can appreciate.

Best Leather Travel Humidor-AMANCY Portable Travel Leather Cigar Humidor Case


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Simple, elegant, and designed to keep your cigars tasting fresh, this model can hold up to five cigars and comes equipped with a built-in hygrometer that allows you to closely monitor the humidity level. It also features Spanish cedar lining for ultimate freshness. The built-in humidifier will also promote freshness and allows you to control humidity levels based on how much water is added.


  • Hygrometer
  • Humidifier
  • Leather design
  • Lightweight
  • Spanish cedar lining


  • Not waterproof
  • Not airtight


This is the perfect portable model for a day out on the course. Elegant, lightweight, and equipped with all the right features that are designed to control cigar freshness, this humidor is a steal for the price.

Compact Design-Volenx Leather Cigar Case, 3 Tubes Travel Cigar Humidor


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This model can hold three fifty ring gauge cigars, and features an elegant leather design with a small pocket designed to hold the included cigar cutter. This compact model can easily fit in one of the pockets on your golf bag.


  • Made from genuine leather
  • Can hold up to three cigars
  • Lightweight
  • Free cigar cutter
  • Compact design


  • Does not come with a humidifier
  • Does not come with a hygrometer


This compact humidor is perfect for an afternoon of golf. The sleek, elegant design is eye-catching and allows you to easily slide it into one of the pockets on your golf bag. A great buy if you’re looking for a smaller capacity model, this humidor is designed to keep your cigars protected and fresh, all afternoon long.

Most Durable-Mrs. Brog Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor Case

Mrs. Brog

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This model can hold up to five eight-inch cigars and features a shockproof and waterproof design that will protect your cigars and keep them tasting fresh. This model is made out of heavy-duty, tough ABS plastic and comes with urethane foam on the interior, which will cradle each of the cigars, helping to prevent damage during transport.


  • Made out of ABS plastic
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Can hold up to five cigars
  • Urethan foam lined interior


  • Does not come with any extras
  • Does not include hygrometer or humidifier


If you’re looking for a more durable, waterproof humidor that’s travel-friendly, then the latest model by Mrs. Brog is an excellent choice. It can also be used off the golf course, if you’re looking for a travel-friendly humidor to take with you on your next vacation. Built tough and designed to last, this model scored well in a variety of areas.

Travel Humidors Buyer’s Guide

Humidors are often used by cigar aficionados to keep several cigars fresh. So, if you have plenty of cigars and don’t know how to correctly store them, or you’re looking for a way to keep them tasting fresh, or age them, then a humidor is a perfect option. Of course, cigar humidor coolers are also a great option since they offer better climate control. But these coolers are relatively new to the cigar world, which is why most smokers stick was a basic humidor to keep their cigars tasting fresh.

To prevent staleness, cigars must be kept at the right temperature in order to prevent mold growth or the tobacco from drying out. A standard humidor is always a great option but most models are not travel-friendly. Fortunately, with the rising popularity of cigar smoking these days, more and more manufacturers are coming out with travel-sized models that will allow you to take your cigars with you on vacation, to work, or for a fun round of golf.

Why You Need a Humidor for the Golf Course

As you probably already know, cigars need a warm environment with a touch of humidity in order to prevent them from drying out. However, this type of environment can also help to enhance the cigar’s aroma and flavor. When you have several cigars that you want to carry with you out on the course, it’s important that you have a humidor that’s designed to preserve and store them without allowing moisture in, and one that will prevent the tobacco from drying out. Fortunately, there are many high-end models of humidors available that come equipped with hygrometers inside. These devices will keep track of the humidity level and give you the ability to closely monitor internal conditions.

Cigar sizes can vary, which is why you’ll need a model that can hold shorter or longer cigars. Some smokers tend to gravitate towards cigarillo styles which are extremely thin. Because of this, humidors are also used to keep cigars securely in place and prevent damage, especially if they’re being transported.

If you’re new to cigar smoking and you don’t currently store your cigars in a humidor at home, then purchasing one for the golf course will give you a better idea of the difference in quality, taste, and flavor that your cigars will offer compared to the ones you’ve stored at home out in the open.

Ultimate Freshness


The biggest benefit that comes from storing cigars in a humidor, especially when you travel is the fact that they can keep your cigars tasting fresh wherever you go. But to protect your cigars when you’re out and about you need a case that comes equipped with a hygrometer and humidifier in order to achieve the perfect freshness level. Most types of humidifiers work by preserving cigars, as long as they’re made with a proper seal design and out of high-quality materials.

Highly Portable

Models that are designed as travel humidors are small in size and measure only 2 to 3 inches wide. Some models feature a design that ranges up to 12 inches long and offers a much wider design. This is usually based on the type of cigars they’re designed to store.

However, if you only want to take between two to six cigars with you out on the course, then you’ll only really need a pocket case that can accommodate different cigar sizes and lengths, which will allow you to take cigars with you and keep them protected and tasting fresh. If you like to bring cigars to share with your other golf buddies, then you’ll need a slightly bigger case. However, most caddy style humidors can hold between four and six cigars, which should be plenty for a round of golf.


These days humidors will come in a wide variety of designs. These devices are made from different types of material ranging from plastic, nylon to wood and leather. Fortunately, you can find high-quality wood, plastic, nylon, and leather cases that are very durable. When you purchase one, always consider the environment you’ll be playing in. If you live in a particularly humid climate, then you’ll want a model that offers top-of-the-line protection.


Most modern models will come equipped with everything that you’ll need to get started with your new cigar hobby. The best models will allow you to store a wide variety of cigars, and will also come equipped with the best cigar cutters. Some also have small storage spaces where you can store the best cigar lighters and other accessories, such as portable ashtrays.


If you can’t afford a full-size humidor, then this type of travel-friendly model can be the perfect option. Purchase a portable model for around $50, with a capacity of four to eight cigars. Of course, how well a travel-friendly model can protect your cigars will also depend on the craftsmanship and the materials used.


If you’re new to cigar smoking, then you may have noticed that some of your golf buddies store their cigars in small travel tubes that can easily fit into their pocket. These cases are the perfect accessory if you simply need to take one cigar on the go for a quick round. Of course, you may need something bigger if you plan on sharing with friends, or are making a day of it out on the course. Some portable humidors are much larger and come equipped with handles that will allow you to easily carry it from hole to hole. These bigger models can hold up to around ten to twelve cigars, however, you will also find some that can hold up to twenty or more.



A high-quality case will be lined with Spanish cedar. Almost all top-of-the-line travel models will use cedar for the lining. Of course, Spanish cedar is the best option because it can naturally regulate moisture. Some cigar smokers also claim that cedar works to enhance the cigar’s flavor. However, it’s also common knowledge that storing your cigars in a cedar-lined humidor can also negatively impact the taste, causing the cigars to taste somewhat bitter.

Exterior Design

Most cigar aficionados will prefer models that are made out of genuine leather for the exterior of the case. The type of material used on the exterior is equally as important as what’s used on the inside. You’ll want to find a case that’s made out of durable, high-quality material that keeps the moisture in. Additionally, the material used for the exterior should also be able to help with heat retention.

If you’re looking for a case that’s scratch-resistant and waterproof, then you’re better off choosing a sealed wood case, one made out of carbon, or plastic.


Many major manufacturers will include a guarantee or warranty to ensure that the cigars stay fresh and protected. However, not every humidor will come with a warranty, but you’ll find that many of the bigger brands will offer at least a one-year limited warranty in the event of a manufacturing defect. Some companies will also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if the humidor fails to keep your cigars fresh.

Using Your Humidor Outdoors

Most travel-friendly humidors are specifically designed to fit inside a golf bag or in your pocket. But you’ll also need to choose a model that can handle your type of environment. If you happen to live in a state that receives plenty of dry and cold weather during the winter then you’ll need a model that is big enough to accommodate a humidifier. In hot climates, less humidity will be needed, so if you’re planning on playing a round of golf close to the water or you live in a state that remains humid most of the year, then a humidifier may not even be necessary. Keep in mind, that too much humidity and heat can quickly cause mold growth.

If you live in a state that actually experiences all four seasons, then you’ll need one that comes equipped with a humidifier and hygrometer. The more feature-packed the humidor is, the lower your chances of having to toss out damaged cigars.

A Great Buy for the Cigar Enthusiast on a Budget

Many new cigar smokers often wonder if they can use this type of compact humidor in place of a larger home model. However, this will all depend on how often you smoke and how many cigars you keep at home. You can use this golf course style model inside the home, however, they tend to be more sensitive to humidity and temperature changes inside a room compared to a regular full-size humidor.

Cigars should be treated in much the same manner that you would treat a perishable item from the grocery store. Whenever you buy a new cigar take along your travel case with you to ensure that it remains fresh from the time you purchase it until the time you bring it home. If you only keep a couple of cigars on hand then keeping them safe in a travel-friendly model should work out just fine. But if you intend to take this hobby seriously and purchase a variety of different flavors and styles of cigars, then it’s important that you invest in a full-size model.

Final Thoughts

The best travel humidors for the golf course will give you a perfect way to enjoy your favorite smoke while you’re playing a round of golf with your buddies. Some models are small enough that they can easily slip in the pocket of your golf bag, while other, slightly larger models will come equipped with carrying handles so you can easily bring your case from hole to hole. If you’re serious about cigar smoking then you know how important it is to keep your cigar in a controlled environment at all times. This type of travel-friendly style humidor is the perfect option for a fun day out in the course for the cigar aficionado who wants to enjoy a good smoke in great company.