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What is Cigar Humidor Solution?

In the beginning, collecting cigars can seem both exciting and complicated. Fail to provide the proper storage environment and you’re left with dried out cigars. Add too much moisture and your cigars are hard to light, or even worse, moldy. Storing your cigars in a humidor is definitely the way […]

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6 Best Acrylic Humidors

The best acrylic humidor can be a great alternative to a standard wooden humidor for many reasons. While humidors made out of acrylic are not as commonly found as their wooden counterpart, they can provide some benefits that a wooden model cannot, which I’ll go over in this buyer’s guide. […]

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5 Best Cigar Ashtrays

While most cigar smokers use normal cigarette ashtrays for their cigars, true aficionados opt for more classy options. In order to find the best ashtrays for your specific taste and needs you will need to take a number of things into considerations, such as size, portability, materials, looks, and most […]