Best Backwoods Flavor To Suit Your Taste and Mood

Remember that first puff of a Backwoods cigar? The rich aroma, the smooth draw, the earthy flavor that lingers on your palate—it’s an experience that’s hard to beat. These hand-rolled cigars, crafted from Connecticut broadleaf tobacco, have long been a favorite among cigar enthusiasts worldwide. But with a wide array […]

how long do cigars last in a humidor

How Long Do Cigars Last in a Humidor?

Cigars are like bottles of wine—they get better with age. However, how well they age will all depend on how you take care of them, particularly when it comes to storage. Cigar aficionados often use a humidor to store their cigar collections and let them age, but how long do […]

crazy alice cigar review

Crazy Alice Cigar Review

The cigar industry is riddled with countless cigars, so it isn’t impossible to find the perfect taste palate you can call home. Well, the thing about that is some cigars are not meant to make you feel at home all the time. Some of them should feel like a wild […]

big papi cigar review

Big Papi Cigar Review

The cigar industry has been around for centuries, so it’s not surprising that it’s saturated with countless products from globally known to less popular brands. There was one premium cigar that may not have rocked the entire cigar world, but it still did create some buzz because of its uniqueness […]

Cigars pile on wood

Fat Bottom Betty Cigar Review

Gas station cigars are incredibly cheap, which is also probably why they’re quite popular with those who enjoy the occasional smoke. If we told you that if you go just a little bit above your budget, you could smoke an affordable but premium cigar, you probably wouldn’t believe us. Let’s […]

espresso and cigar

5 Best Cigars With Coffee

Of all the coffee pairings that would come to mind, a great cigar is one of the most understated. Even with millions of coffee lovers, only a cigar enthusiast can tell you that cigars and coffee have complementary flavor profiles. Both carry a hint of acid, spice, complex flavors, and […]

best cohiba cigar

5 Best Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba has been around since 1968, but the people involved in its creation have been rolling the best cigars for several years prior. Eduardo Ribera, a Cuban roller for one of Fidel Castro’s bodyguards, was the one who came up with the Cohiba cigar blends. With a history as rich […]

best acid cigar

5 Best Acid Cigars

If you know how it feels to hold a freshly-cut cigar between your fingers, you also know how to savor life’s most significant moments. That said, the quality of the cigar you’re smoking matters. Whether you want to upgrade your cigar experience or looking for something new, you should check […]