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newair cigar humidor review

NewAir Cigar Humidor Review

Cigars are delicate products that require specific storage conditions to maintain their aroma, flavor, and texture. This is where the NewAir NCH250SS00 Wineador comes into play. With this humidor, your beloved cigars won’t dry out, lose their flavor, or grow mold. Designed to regulate humidity levels, it will help ensure […]

how do humidors work

How Do Humidors Work?

Humidors are specialized containers designed to store and preserve cigars, tobacco leaves, and other items that require a specific level of humidity to maintain their quality. They are essential for cigar aficionados who want to ensure their cigars remain fresh and flavorful for an extended period. But how do humidors […]

how to know when humidor is seasoned

How To Know When Humidor Is Seasoned

Do you like fine cigars and value the freshness of your collection above all else? If so, then you likely understand just how crucial it is to properly season your humidor. Seasoning a cigar humidor means preparing the interior to maintain the proper humidity level for storing cigars. When you […]

what is a humidor

What Is a Humidor?

When cigar lovers talk about their cigar collections and accessories, the humidor will always be part of the conversation. If you are a fresh cigar enthusiast, or you’re not familiar with how to store cigars at all, you might be wondering what is a humidor or humidor box in the […]

crazy alice cigar review

Crazy Alice Cigar Review

The cigar industry is riddled with countless cigars, so it isn’t impossible to find the perfect taste palate you can call home. Well, the thing about that is some cigars are not meant to make you feel at home all the time. Some of them should feel like a wild […]

big papi cigar review

Big Papi Cigar Review

The cigar industry has been around for centuries, so it’s not surprising that it’s saturated with countless products from globally known to less popular brands. There was one premium cigar that may not have rocked the entire cigar world, but it still did create some buzz because of its uniqueness […]

Cigars pile on wood

Fat Bottom Betty Cigar Review

Gas station cigars are incredibly cheap, which is also probably why they’re quite popular with those who enjoy the occasional smoke. If we told you that if you go just a little bit above your budget, you could smoke an affordable but premium cigar, you probably wouldn’t believe us. Let’s […]

what is the most expensive cigar

What Is the Most Expensive Cigar in the World?

With the rich culture surrounding cigars, you’re probably wondering why some have hefty price tags. Cigar lovers will tell you of the special experience they get from each exquisite cigar they cross out from their bucket list. If you just developed a taste in smokes, you’re most certainly interested in […]

Gold cigar punch

How to Use a Cigar Punch the Right Way

Cigar lovers will tell you about different factors contributing to every cigar smoking experience with each unique type of cigar. While cigar brands and types matter, a wide range of cigar accessories, such as cutters and humidors, are also important. Regardless of what quality cigar you smoke, using a cutter […]

espresso and cigar

5 Best Cigars With Coffee

Of all the coffee pairings that would come to mind, a great cigar is one of the most understated. Even with millions of coffee lovers, only a cigar enthusiast can tell you that cigars and coffee have complementary flavor profiles. Both carry a hint of acid, spice, complex flavors, and […]

can you light a cigar with an arc lighter

Can You Light a Cigar With an Arc Lighter?

An arc lighter has many uses at home, but can you light a cigar with an arc lighter? Understandably, this is a question only asked by those who enjoy smoking a cigar once in a while. To answer that question and understand how doing so affects your cigar, you first […]

best acid cigar

5 Best Acid Cigars

If you know how it feels to hold a freshly-cut cigar between your fingers, you also know how to savor life’s most significant moments. That said, the quality of the cigar you’re smoking matters. Whether you want to upgrade your cigar experience or looking for something new, you should check […]