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Best Cigar Clubs and Meetups
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Why Cigar Smokers Join Cigar Clubs, Meetups and Forums

Both cigar aficionados and beginners join cigar clubs, meetups and forums to enjoy cigar smoking among like-minded individuals. But also to share and exchange tips and advice regarding the cigar lifestyle.

In brief, tips and advice include product reviews for cigars, the best cigar cutters, premium humidors and other cigar accessories. In addition, recommendations about the best cigar lounges and bars can add to the finest cigar smoking experiences around the world. The cigar smoking community have one goal in common, and that is to enjoy the cigar lifestyle to the maximum!

List of Cigar Clubs, Meetups and Forums

Here is a compilation by Cigar Cutter Expert of the best cigar clubs, meetups and forums worldwide.

We encourage your contributions and comments. Enjoy!

Search by country A to Z: 


Sydney Cigar Enthusiasts (if link doesn’t work then sign in to Meetup and search for ‘cigar’)


Cigar Aficionados – Shanghai


The Rum Geeks (Paris)


Cigars and Conversations (Berlin)


Tokyo Cigar Group


Cigar, Spirits & Gents Club Zurich

Chess & Cuban Cigars @ Manuel’s (Zurich)


Whisky & Cigar Society (Bangkok)


RAK Cigar Vampires


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