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Due to the difference in the structure of each cigar cutting device, this article examines and compares the cigar cutter vs punch hole cutter. We’re often asked by our community, ‘which is better, the cigar cutter or the punch hole cutter?’. 

After all, the punch cutter is still being made despite the fact the cigar cutter is generally accepted by cigar aficionados.

Our focus is on the technical differences between the two. As to which is better, is a matter of personal choice, because every cigar aficionado has a different character and taste when it comes to their cigar.

The Cigar Cutter

The most popular method of precisely cutting a cigar is using a cigar cutter. There are many kinds of cigar cutters and their function is to cleanly cut the end cap of a cigar, to allow air to pass through while smoking.

There are precautions that need to be taken in cutting a cigar. Care must be exercised when cutting the cap, as there is only a certain amount of space where the cap should be cut and each cigar type is different.

This should be observed to avoid unraveling and ruining the structure of the cigar, which may lead to an unpleasant smoking experience. Thus, a cigar smoker is advised not to cut off too much of the cigar’s cap (a few millimetres will do the trick for a flat end cigar).

Cutting too much from the cigar will only lead to the frustration of loosely drawing air or too much air. When this happens, the quality of the cigar smoking experience will be dramatically affected, as the cigar will overheat and yield a bitter taste.

One of the advantages of a cigar cutter is its ability to cut the cigar neatly to avert loose tobacco leaf flakes from accumulating in the mouth of the smoker.

Another is its versatility; it can be used on all kinds of cigars, including the figurado cigar. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why most cigar smokers prefer a cigar cutter over a punch cutter.

The Cigar Cutter

The Cigar Punch Hole Cutter

The cigar punch, on the other hand, is a tool used by many cigar smokers as it doesn’t cut the way a cigar cutter does; instead it cleanly punches out a circular hole in the cap of the cigar where the air will be drawn by the smoker.

Some cigar smokers comment that this kind of cut produces less smoke because it only makes a hole where the air will be drawn in, unlike the cigar cutter, which makes a full cut.

As some smokers observe, because of the limitation of the hole, the cigar often goes out periodically and the smoker has to light the cigar again.The cigar punch is also not as versatile compared to the cigar cutter, as it cannot be used for non-torpedo or figurado-shaped cigars.

However, some cigar smokers see the use of the cigar punch in a positive light. The punch made on the cap of cigar greatly prevents unraveling during smoking, as it keeps the cap intact. Because the cap is left more intact, even fewer tobacco leaf flakes accumulate in the mouth of the smoker.

As to the question of insufficiency of drawn air, because only a hole is made by a cigar punch, some users put two holes on the cigar’s head. This strategy allows the smoker to sufficiently draw air while smoking.

Cigar users also notice that cigar punch makes a cigar fuller-bodied. This wonderful effect is assumed by cigar aficionados to be caused by a higher build-up of tars in the cap of the cigar.

The cigar punch may also be convenient to carry, if it is smaller in size compared to a cigar cutter; and they are often used as a key chain by some cigar smokers making them more accessible.

​Conclusion: The Cigar Cutter vs Punch Hole Cutter

​The difference between a cigar cutter and a cigar punch is clear. A cigar cutter is preferred by some cigar smokers because it can completely cut off the head cap and draw sufficient air during smoking, while a cigar punch is chosen by others because of its unique way of cutting a cigar, which has its own advantages like making the cigar fuller-bodied, and leading to less tobacco leaf flakes accumulating in the mouth.  

Either way, these two cigar cutters reliably serve smokers, which is why they are favoured by so many.

Rao - May 26, 2017

Some people say that cigar punches make cigars seem fuller bodied than cutters do.  They say this is due to the higher buildup of the tar at the cigars cap, the smaller hole causes this.

    Thomas - May 27, 2017

    Hi, we’ve tried and tested both – cigar cutters and cigar punch cutters – but did not find this to be the case. Our preference at Cigar Cutter Expert is any one of the best cigar cutters recommended (see our product reviews too) as they slice the cap end with precision to allow for ideal airflow and excellent even slow burn.
    Everyone is different however, so if you prefer hole punch cutter, then go for it!


N_Panzade - June 16, 2017

I’ve read that some people feel cigar punches make cigars better to smoke than cutters do.

    Thomas - June 16, 2017

    Thanks for your comment. We wrote a little while ago that we’ve tried and tested both – best cigar cutters and cigar punch cutters – but did not find this to be the case.
    Cigar Cutter Expert recommends the best cigar cutters (see our independent, unbiased product reviews: as they slice the cap end with precision to allow for ideal airflow and an excellent even slow burn.
    However, if you prefer the hole punch cutter as it gives you a better smoking experience, then you should use this.

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