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Using our Cigar Lounges and Bars Checklist, many cigar smokers are discovering cigar lounges or cigar bars, as the ultimate experience, especially as public smoking areas are disappearing.

Interestingly, when I’m sitting outside, I normally ask the strangers around me, if they would mind me smoking a cigar. To my surprise, most have no issue and some even comment on how much they really like the cigar aroma.

However, this is not always the case and so the pleasure of smoking a superb cigar in your preferred cigar lounges or cigar bars, is increasingly becoming popular.  Adding to the whole experience, I find the addition of good company, great ambience, and sipping a fine whisk(e)y or cognac highly enjoyable.

So how does a cigar smoker find their ideal cigar lounges or cigar bars ?

And what should they look for and where ? Glad you asked!

Naturally, what makes a great cigar lounge or cigar bar is very much a personal choice. However, why not start with our checklist below. Then once you are clear on your requirements, check out our ‘Best Cigar Lounges and Cigar Bars’ global guide to find your nearest venues.

Above all, have fun and enjoy this journey of discovery!

Cigar Lounges and Bars Checklist

As part of your search criteria you may wish to consider the following:

  • Top-notch ventilation (these days most are superb);
  • Modern or classic period interior style;
  • Cloak room;
  • Particular music styles like jazz or classical etc.;
  • Wi-fi/wireless internet;
  • Outdoor space and any views;
  • Restaurant/bistro or restaurant-quality food;
  • Decent fine spirits and wine list;
  • Cigar humidor (cabinet or walk-in style);
  • Car or taxi service; and
  • Proactive staff offering cigar cutters, matches etc., without the need for guests to ask.

All this adds to creating a fantastic cigar smoking experience, as it is about whatever will satisfy your needs. For discreet meetings, be it business or a ‘tête-à-tête’, you may have additional criteria, such as discreet booths or private meeting rooms etc.

Best Cigar Lounges and Cigar Bars, Global Guide

Listed here in our Guide are some of the best cigar lounges or cigar bars. Most have a website featuring interior images and services offered, making it easier for our readers to research. Happy puffing!

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