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In terms of cigar sizes, there are several to choose from. Each size and style of cigar offers a different type of smoking experience and flavor, in addition to a longer or shorter burning time. Additionally, the different sizes can also have an impact on price, which can make choosing the right type difficult for anyone new to the cigar world.

There are many cigar sizes to choose from, based on style and type. Many standard styles will go by different names depending on the manufacturer and where they’re made. Choosing the right size of the cigar is important since it can affect the draw, the burning time, how much the cigar smokes, and the overall flavor. When shopping for a cigar, you’ll notice there will be two numbers clearly written on the box and the wrapper. The two numbers listed will refer to the cigar’s length and diameter.

Size Options

Cigars are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes, which can make it difficult to narrow it down to the cigar that’s right for you. There are also many conflicting terms used based on the country they are manufactured in. As an example, Americans will refer to a particular type of cigar as a double Corona, while the Cubans will call the same type of cigar a prominente.Various sizes of Cuban cigar

Additionally, the cigar industry really hasn’t standardized the sizes, shapes, or their measurements. Because of this, it’s common for different brands to interpret the sizes in their own way.

Cigars are usually measured in inches and in ring gauge. The length of the cigars, such as Coronas, are measured in inches. Coronas are usually a little over five inches long.

The ring gauge refers to the diameter of a cigar. Since the ring gauge is usually pretty small it is typically measured by 64ths of an inch instead of a decimal. As an example, a Corona measures in at 0.68 inches, which equals 44/64. It’s then displayed as 44. The cigar’s overall dimension is displayed as 5.25×44.

Countries that use the metric system present the information in millimeters or centimeters for the gauge and the length. While many different sizes are done mainly for esthetics, the different sizes and shapes can actually impact your smoking experience. When a cigar is rolled into a different size or shape the tobacco may burn differently, which can impact the smoke time, aroma, and flavor. While in today’s cigar industry, there are a number of companies that have created their own names for the different size options available, there are some staples that will remain the same. Below you’ll find a list of the different shapes and sizes of cigars, which can make it easier for you to decide which type will be the best choice for you.

Parejo Styles

The individual sizes of cigars are usually divided into a couple of categories. In the first category,  you’ll have the cigars that are known as Parejos. These are your basic round cigars and it retains its straight shape from the head to the foot. These cigars can vary in name and size, however, there are some common size options that have been used for decades.


These cigars feature a staple size that almost every cigar line does. It’s also packing a lot of flavor, and usually comes in a five by fifty size, however, this can vary slightly by brand. This is a perfect size for beginners to try out. They offer a smaller smoke time, however, they burn at a nice pace and give off plenty of smoke and flavor. However, you’ll need to use the best cigar cutter to ensure you can easily, and cleanly cut a cigar of this size.

Petite Coronas

This cigar has been around for centuries. It’s basically the smaller version of the standard Corona and measures in at around five and a half inches long with a ring gauge of thirty-eight. This type of cigar is very tightly packed, however, the tobacco is still packed loosely enough to allow for a deep draw. A real petite Corona produces an impressive amount of smoke. Because of the cigar’s compact size, it can even produce more smoke than the average-sized cigar. These cigars can be hard to come by since the larger ring gauge size is very popular these days.


This cigar is very thin and long, measuring in at six and a half inches with a gauge size of thirty-eight. These cigars offer the most flavor because of the ratio of the filler tobacco to the wrapper. However, because of its thinner size, it’s easier for the smoker to get burned.


These cigars are probably the most recognizable. It’s basically the perfect middle ground cigar since it’s not too short or too long. Usually, a Toro is around six by fifty and is also referred to as a double Robusto. It offers a good amount of flavor and the perfect amount of smoke time. These cigars seem to burn more evenly compared to other styles of cigars, due to its gauge and length. These cigars are the most common size used by manufacturers.


Cuban cigars closeup

This is the only size of cigar on this list that takes its name from a famous person in history. This iconic style of a cigar is named after Winston Churchill, the legendary prime minister. Usually, these cigars measure in at around seven inches in length and have a gauge size of fifty. These cigars are considered after-dinner smokes since they last so long. If you’re looking for a cigar that’s long enough to last for an entire round of golf, these are the ones.

Figurado Styles

This term is used to describe any type of cigar with an irregular shape. So basically, any type of cigar that’s not considered a Parejo is known as a figurado. If the cigar doesn’t have a rounded head or straight edges it will be categorized as a figurado.


The most popular type of figurado is the torpedo. The shape of this cigar is very similar to that of a real torpedo, which is where it gets its name. This type of cigar can be rolled into pretty much any size, but the average torpedo cigar is usually six by fifty-two. The cigar will remain straight until it starts tapering to a sharp point. These cigars tend to smoke quite a bit and offer a nice even burn. They also offer one of the most recognizable shapes of any cigar, aside from the Toro.


The perfecto cigars also have a very distinguishable shape. These cigars taper at the foot. When you light one, the draw may feel pretty tight, initially, but once it opens up it does have a very nice draw. It also offers an even burn thanks to the tapered foot. Some types of perfecto may also come with a tapered head, although they offer the same type of smoking experience that you’ll get from the standard perfectos.


These cigars are often confused with torpedos, but there are some subtle differences between the two sizes. In order to differentiate between the two, the torpedo features a taper that’s more gradual, whereas the belicoso remains straight until right before the head of the cigar where it features a quick, short taper. In terms of overall size, the belicosos are generally much smaller with the average size coming in at five and a half inches by fifty. However, there are belicosos that are around six inches in length.


The pyramid cigar is pretty easy to distinguish between the torpedo and belicoso. Obviously, from its name, it features a shape that’s very similar to a pyramid. These cigars have a more gradual taper that begins at the foot of the cigar and gradually grows smaller as you reach the head. These cigars are the largest type of figurados with an average size that measures in at six inches by fifty-four.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different cigar sizes to choose from. The size and style can vary from brand to brand, but the styles I’ve included here are some of the most common. If you’re new to cigar smoking, experimenting by trying different types, flavors, sizes, and shapes, is all part of the fun. Hopefully, this guide has helped to point you in the right direction so you can find the perfect cigar for your next smoking experience.