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What are some tips on caring for a cigar humidor?

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Hey, Tony from Cigar Cutter Expert here. In our article What is a Cigar Humidor? we outline what a Cigar Humidor is; best materials to consider in choosing one; and how to best care for it ie. Seasoning – an excerpt is below…

Seasoning your Cigar Humidor with Distilled Water

You need to keep in mind that you would have to season your humidor when you first buy it. The same rule applies if you have not used your humidor for a while. This is to ensure moisture is absorbed by the unseasoned wood so it adds to the humidity level of 70% and your cigars stored do not dry out. Seasoning is done by dampening a clean cloth with distilled water or using a pre-moistened wipe (sold at cigar shops or online) to rub inside the humidor all over the cedar walls and crevices for absorption.

5 Steps involved:

  1. Before storing your cigars (or remove them if already stored), remove all dividers, the humidifier and hygrometer and anything else leaving the humidor completely empty;
  2. Rub into all the cedar walls and crevices, distilled water using a damp clean cloth/sponge or pre-moistened distilled water wipe (do not pour distilled water directly into the humidor or saturate it, as you may damage it);
  3. Close lid and wait for 24 hours for deep absorption to take place;
  4. Place all items – not cigars – back into the humidor and close for another 24 hours; and then
  5. Make sure your hygrometer shows a humidity reading of 68-72% (depending on your climate) and now you can proceed with storing your cigars.

Please refer to What is a Cigar Humidor? for the full article.

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What is the point of cigars if you don’t inhale the smoke, and don’t smoke for solely the nicotine?

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In a nutshell, the point of cigars is about time out for one’s self making it the polar opposite to that of cigarettes (ie. a nicotine hit to satisfy an addiction). Cigar smoking is about the great pleasure and enjoyment in creating a space in time for absolute relaxation or meditation, either alone or socially with one friend or more. A large part of the experience is about enjoying the rich and complex flavours & aromas offered by each unique cigar – it is about ‘tasting’ not inhaling.

Our editor, Thomas, tells of his own personal experience below:

(An excerpt from We Love The Cigar Lifestyle – Cigar Cutter Expert)

A Passion for the Cigar Lifestyle

“My own cigar smoking experience is and has always been about gaining immense pleasure and enjoyment. Slowing things down and often reflecting on life over such a special smoke. Some of my friends agree about the immense benefits of smoking premium cigars, as a form of meditation, bringing clarity to one’s thoughts.

Above all, the beauty of a cigar is that it can be enjoyed by anyone, in isolation or in a group situation. My wife also enjoys cigar smoking and we’ve enjoyed many smoking experiences together. The whole experience is one of real tranquility and ceremony.

What first attracted me to cigars was the wonderful array of aromas and flavours. And later, I discovered the joy of maturing my premium cigars to bring out more intense aromas and flavours, by storing in a premium cigar humidor. Some friends also rub cognac or whisk(e)y inside their humidors, claiming it creates a deliciously complementary, rich aroma.”

Premium tobacco leaves for making cigars

At Cigar Cutter Expert, we believe a cigar captures the essence of its origins and expresses this to its smoker. We could liken cigars to wine, in the sense that a glass of wine captures the flavours of its terroir, where the grapes were grown. So too, with cigars – they capture the flavours of the terroir where their tobacco leaves hale from and makes every cigar aficionado appreciate this gift. You may also like to read our article: What is a Premium Cigar. Thanks for the great question!

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How can cigars be stored without a humidor?

How long can a cigar stay in a humidor?

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By using a quality cigar humidor you can store your cigars indefinitely and safely…literally for decades! As long as you monitor (weekly) and top up the humidifier with distilled water, to ensure your hygrometer gives you a reading of 68%-72% humidity level and your humidor’s interior is no higher than 25 degrees centigrade.

Of course, if you live in a warm place this may vary, so you’ll need to adjust for any changes in the climate/temperature.

It’s very important to only use distilled water in a cigar humidor. This is because tap water contains bacteria and other contaminants that can form mould in the humidor and ruin the flavor of your cigars.

If you see any mould forming in the humidor, you should remove all the cigars and clean it before you start using it again. Hence, the importance of maintaining the correct humidity and temperature levels. For more free advice and tips on cigar humidor care and maintenance click here. Happy puffing!

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