Have you ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering what on earth to get for your cigar-loving friend? Well, you’re not alone.

Choosing gifts for cigar lovers can be a bit of a challenge, considering the vast world of options out there. Plus, cigar smokers are a discerning bunch, and they appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

Whether you’re looking for something practical or something luxurious, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up the 15 absolute best gifts that will leave your cigar enthusiast pal grinning from ear to ear.

15 Gifts for Cigar Lovers

Cigars have long been associated with sophistication, relaxation, and a touch of luxury. For the discerning cigar aficionado, the right accessories can elevate the experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you’ve got a friend who loves cigars, here are 15 gifts that will have them reaching for their stogies with glee:

1. Durable and Elegant Cigar Ashtray

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A good cigar ashtray allows the smoker to savor the cigar without worrying about the mess. And just like a good friend, it should be durable and stylish and add a touch of elegance to the cigar-smoking experience.

When choosing an ashtray, consider personal style and the type of cigar your friend typically enjoys. You’ll need an ashtray with deep grooves if they’re a fan of robustos and Churchills. For smaller cigars, a simple, sleek ashtray will suffice.

2. Cigar Ashtray Cleaner

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After a leisurely evening of indulging in fine cigars, the last thing your friend will want to deal with is a messy, smelly ashtray. That’s where a cigar ashtray cleaner comes in. This handy tool not only tackles the ash and residue but also helps eliminate lingering odors.

Look for a cleaner specifically formulated to break down cigar residue and eliminate lingering odors without damaging the ashtray’s surface. Some even contain a disinfecting agent to keep the ashtray free of bacteria and germs.

3. High-Quality Cigar Cutter

A sharp cigar cutter is like a finely tuned instrument for a guitarist or a well-crafted knife for a chef. It’s an essential tool that ensures a clean, even cut that doesn’t damage the delicate wrapper of the cigar.

When choosing a cigar cutter, pick one with precision-ground blades that can effortlessly pierce the cigar’s head without compromising its integrity. Also consider the type of cutter: a guillotine cutter for its clean, straight cut or a punch cutter for its versatility with capped cigars.

4. Cigar Punch

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Unlike a guillotine cutter that slices off the cigar’s cap, a punch creates a small, precise hole. This preserves the cigar’s integrity, allowing for a smooth, even draw. But if you plan on buying one, make sure you know the size of your friend’s cigars.

A standard punch is typically sufficient for most cigars, but for larger ring gauges, a double punch may be necessary. Look for a punch with sharp, durable blades that will glide effortlessly through the cigar’s cap without tearing or damaging it.

5. Reliable and Stylish Cigar Lighter

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For the cigar enthusiast who appreciates the ritual of lighting up, a reliable and stylish cigar lighter is a must-have. Compared to traditional lighters, these lighters are designed to produce a consistent flame that won’t overheat the cigar and ruin the flavor.

For a classic look, a torch lighter with a windproof flame is ideal. If your friend prefers a more modern look, get a jet lighter with a powerful flame. No matter which style you choose, make sure it is made from high-quality materials that will withstand regular use.

6. Cigar Lighter Stand

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If your friend values both practicality and style, a cigar lighter stand is an elegant and thoughtful gift. This handy accessory keeps their trusty lighter within easy reach and adds a touch of sophistication to their smoking space.

Make sure you consider your friend’s personal style and the type of lighter they use. For a traditional look, a wooden stand with a weighted base is a timeless choice. A sleek metal stand is perfect if they prefer a more modern aesthetic.

7. Comfortable Cigar Holder

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A cigar holder keeps the cigar upright and prevents it from burning, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable smoke. With this thoughtful gift, your friend will be able to savor the full flavor and aroma of their cigars without the hassle of holding them.

Look for a cigar holder made from high-quality materials, such as cedar wood or stainless steel. It should be lightweight enough to be easily portable and provide a secure grip for the cigar, preventing it from rolling or tipping over.

8. Personalized Cigar Case

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A personalized cigar case safeguards cigars from damage while traveling or simply being stored, so they are always ready for a leisurely smoke.

For a touch of elegance, a leather cigar case with personalized engraving is a timeless choice. But for a more rustic aesthetic, a cedar wood cigar case with a natural finish is perfect.

9. Sophisticated Cigar Humidor


Aging and preserving cigars is an art. And for that, a cigar humidor is a must. This elegant storage solution mimics the ideal environment of a Cuban tobacco factory and ensures the cigars maintain their optimal flavor, aroma, and burn characteristics.

Get a desktop humidor with a classic wood finish for a smaller collection. For true cigar aficionados, a larger, more ornate humidor is a more fitting choice.

Check that the humidor is made from high-quality, moisture-resistant materials, such as Spanish cedar or mahogany, and is crafted with attention to detail. It should also have cedar-lined compartments to enhance the flavor and aroma of the cigars.

10. Cigar Humidor Humidifier

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With a high-quality cigar humidor humidifier, your friend can bid farewell to the worries of fluctuating humidity levels and ensure that their prized cigars remain in pristine condition.

Look for options designed to maintain consistent humidity levels without introducing harmful chemicals or odors. Consider a humidifier that uses a natural humidification solution, such as distilled water or Boveda packs, to ensure the integrity of the cigars.

11. Cigar Hygrometer

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Making sure the cigars are stored in the ideal environment is crucial to preserving their flavor and aroma. With a reliable cigar hygrometer, your friend can monitor the humidity level inside the humidor.

For precise readings, get a digital hygrometer with a display. But if your friend prefers a more traditional look, look for an analog hygrometer with a dial. You can also find options with a built-in alarm to alert your friend of any fluctuations in humidity levels.

12. Cedar Wood Cigar Tray

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A cedar wood cigar tray is a practical accessory that not only keeps cigars neatly organized and easily accessible but also imparts a subtle cedary aroma that enhances the overall smoking experience.

Look for one made from untreated cedar wood to ensure a natural and long-lasting fragrance. It should also be sturdy and well-crafted, with smooth edges and compartments that securely hold the cigars.

13. Cigar and Whiskey Pairing Set

This exquisite duo elevates the art of pairing two refined pleasures: the rich, complex flavors of fine cigars and the smooth, nuanced notes of premium whiskey.

For a classic pairing, opt for a set that features a full-bodied cigar with a Maduro wrapper and a smooth, aged bourbon. If your friend prefers a more nuanced experience, choose a set that combines a medium-bodied cigar with a complex blend of malts.

14. Cigar-themed Flask or Decanter

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A cigar-themed flask or decanter is an elegant accessory that not only provides a stylish way to store and enjoy their favorite spirits but also adds a touch of refinement to their smoking space.

For a sleek and modern look, a stainless steel flask with a cigar-themed engraving is ideal. But if you want a more traditional aesthetic, go with a crystal decanter with a hand-blown design and intricate detailing.

15. Cigar-themed Cufflinks or Tie Bar

Does your friend have a keen eye for style? Get them a pair of cigar-themed cufflinks or a tie bar. These elegant accessories seamlessly blend their love of fine cigars with their sartorial flair, adding a touch of refined distinction to their attire.

Look for cigar-themed cufflinks or a tie bar made with sterling silver or rhodium-plated brass to ensure durability and a timeless appearance. You can also have it engraved to add a touch of uniqueness and sentimentality.

Gift Ideas for the Discerning Cigar Aficionado

Whether your friend is a seasoned cigar connoisseur or a budding enthusiast, these thoughtful gifts for cigar lovers will undoubtedly enhance their smoking experience. What’s more, they’ll show them your appreciation for their refined taste.

From essentials like cutters, lighters, and humidors to elegant touches like cigar-themed cufflinks and decanters, you have plenty of options to find a gift that perfectly complements their smoking style and preferences. And as they savor each smoke, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtful gesture and the shared enjoyment of this refined pastime.