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How to cut a cigar correctly is a very popular question for good reason, as it is a must-know considering  every tobacco leaf is at a premium.

Just imagine the process that a cigar goes through while being prepared for passionate smokers—the picking, fermenting, and rolling, just to make the perfect cigar.

Incorrect cutting will ruin an otherwise excellent cigar, resulting in it unraveling, which will lead to an unpleasant smoking experience.

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Cutting a cigar is basically creating an opening so that the smoke and air can pass through it. Hollywood has added to the image of cigar cutting: some actors in old movies portray the correct way of cutting the head of a cigar using a cigar cutter like the guillotine cutter.

However, some actors, like those portraying rough characters, are seen just biting off the head off the cigar.

Cutting a cigar is a matter of personal choice, and eventually you will settle on your preferred method of cutting a cigar. For now, it is important to know the basic way of cutting a cigar.

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Know the basic parts of the cigar

There are two ends to a cigar; one end is called the head, and can be easily determined because it is closer to the logo label that is wrapped around the cigar. In addition, the head can easily be seen because it has a cap covering it. The cap, which is made of tobacco, is to keep the wrapper of the cigar intact. The opposite end is called the foot.

Invest in the best cigar cutter as quality matters

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It is customary that every cigar smoker should have a cigar cutter that they find comfortable to use when cutting a cigar’s cap. A quality cigar cutter makes a tidy cut; therefore it is very important to have a reliable cigar cutter to produce this effect. There are many kinds of cigar cutters that can produce a decent cut, such as the following:

Guillotine or Straight cutter

A single blade guillotine is basically a straight cutter. Many cigar aficionados love this cutter because of its ability to make a very clean cut. The double-blade type is most preferable among guillotine cutters – it makes the cleanest cut, as it cuts from both sides. A known advantage of the guillotine cutter is its precision cutting; it easily cuts the cigar without any chance of tearing the cigar wrapper.

One cutter I definitely recommend is the Blinkeen stainless steel cigar cutter.

Wedge cutter

A wedge cutter makes an entirely different cut from a straight cutter. Instead of cutting the cigar straight, it makes a notched hole resembling a V-cut. It slices from one side at the same depth. Its innovative design allows it to control the depth of its cut and creates a generous amount of surface area.

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The Hole Punch cutter

Just like the wedge cutter, the hole punch cutter does not cut straight; instead it makes a hole through the cap by using a circular blade to make an opening. The smoker should, however, pay attention to the hole that will be made to the cigar, as it will determine the quality of draw and smoke.


Cigar scissors

This kind of cutter is different from regular scissors used at home, as they are specifically created for cutting a cigar. Special cigar scissors are made of stainless steel and are guaranteed to make clean cuts. It is important to buy high-quality cigar scissors to avoid any tearing or damage to the cigar’s wrap.

If you want to learn more about cigar wrapping and the various types of wrappers out there, head over to my full guide on the topic.

Making the correct cut

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First find the cap and estimate a distance of 3-4mm from the tip, which will be the mark for the cut. Remember that the cap holds the cigar wrap, so it is sufficient to cut just enough to expose the filler.

Use any reliable cutter and cut the cigar in one strong and quick movement. For figurado cigars, cut so you can just see the filler. For a bullet punch cutter, insert the punch through the head of the cigar to create a preferred hole size. Unfortunately, bullet punch cutters cannot be used for figurado cigars.

Then simply light and draw on your cigar to create a nice burn and enjoy puffing.

Preparing to smoke a cigar is an exciting endeavor, which will provide a warm and relaxing experience. You will enjoy the pleasure of a wonderful cigar and think about the effort that went into making it. A cigar, unlike a cigarette, requires a ceremony that you will enjoy undertaking—cutting the cigar’s cap with style.

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