light brown wooden cigar box


​The ​La Cubana Cigars Glass and Wooden Cigar Humidor​ is an excellent and quality item especially for those who love their cigars fresh and free from contamination.

​Nice and solid, the box has an extraordinary design and a perfect construction which combines class, style, strength, efficiency and a perfect finish. It is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, and has all the makings of a perfect classic gift for any cigar lover.

The design features a high-quality finish and dual interior compartments for storage of your stogies. This box is made from high-quality wood and is very nice to organize your premium cigars.

The La Cubana humidor certainly has to be your pick if you care not just about storing your cigar, but storing it well.


  • ​​Solid wood and glass construction with frame work for extended durability
  • Scratch-resistant premium reclaimed wood finish with felt-lined bottoms
  • 2 compartments that can provide convenient storage for up to 50 cigars
  • Item weight of 2.7 pounds (1.23 kg)
  • Interior is designed with high quality kiln-dried cedar for exceptional aroma and moisture preservation
  • Comes in a black cardboard gift box
  • Size: 11” x 9” x 5.5” (28 x 23 x 14cm)
La Cubana Cigars Glass and Wooden Cigar Humidor

Product Rating: (4/5)

light brown wooden cigar box

  • Sturdy coating which makes it resistant to scratches
  • High-quality lacquer finish which adds to the elegance of the box
  • Made from high-quality design materials
  • Glass top
  • Has built in humidifier and hygrometer

Customer Reviews

The La Cubana cigar humidor is appreciated by cigar aficionados everywhere.

Its impressive storage capacity, the fact that it is crafted nicely, its elegance, as well as the standard of the materials used in constructing the box are a few of the great features that you’ll appreciate. The box has a very good seal which can be trusted to hold humidity – and that’s what it’s all about! The highly-polished exterior of the item makes it inviting and attractive to the eyes.

There aren’t many negatives on this box, although if you are looking for a small cigar humidor, this might not be the humidor for you. Also, it wouldn’t be classified as the highest ticket cigar humidor (which isn’t a bad thing, really).

The unit doesn’t have any instructions on how to season the new cigar box or how to set the interior hygrometer for optimum humidity. However, this should not be much of a worry as this information can be found very easily.

Advantages & Disadvantages

light brown wooden cigar box


  • Sturdy coating which makes it resistant to scratches
  • The hinge of the humidor is designed with solid metal frame work which makes it easy to open or close the box
  • Comes wit hygrometer, humidifier, and a cedar divider. The solid wood construction of the box houses the hygrometer and humidifier, which is set under the internal wooden lining of the box lid
  • High-quality lacquer finish which adds to the elegance of the box
  • Made from high-quality design materials


  • Price – very much depends on your budget
  • Best for new cigar smokers

Conclusion & Rating

Product Rating: (4/5)

light brown wooden cigar boxLa Cubana Cigars Glass and Wooden Cigar Humidor has an excellent design which contains a premium quality lacquer coating plus two compartments for proper storage of the cigars. The solid wood that makes up the humidor box contains the humidifier and hygrometer.

The internal part of the box is lined using a high-quality Spanish cedar, which is known to help in keeping the fragrance and quality of the cigars by regulating the moisture or air in the box. The box also has a metal hinge making the humidor easy to open and close.

Overall, the La Cubana Cigars Glass and Wooden Cigar Humidor is very sturdy, which comes in great design and coating. It is resistant to scratches allowing it to keep its quality and look for an extended period. It is ideal to be used in storing cigars to retain their quality, fragrance, and condition.

Without this product, cigars may get exposed to too much humidity or moisture which will surely affect the cigars’ freshness and aroma. This is going to be frustrating for a tobacco enthusiast so make sure to get the La Cubana Cigars Glass and Wooden Cigar Humidor for your cigar storage needs.

For the price, the ​La Cubana Cigars Humidor​ is an elegantly simple and beautifully designed humidor. It can be seasoned with distilled water for about 3 days, after which it works at an optimal level. The La Cubana Humidor is suitable for use by new cigar smokers.

We are looking at an awesome humidor, a must if you enjoy cigars and have invested in a collection of them. It is a beautiful piece of work, very well and beautifully crafted with significant attention to detail.

La Cubana has a reputation for excellent quality and you will be very happy with this humidor.