large wooden box with drawers

​Prestige Import Group Large Humidor Review reveals a unique cigar humidor and trail blazer in the industry. Tastefully furnished and with its extra large size, this quality cigar humidor comes with an extra bonus feature—2 pull-out accessory drawers with a lock and key.

​Prestige Import Group Large Humidor Review

The Prestige Import Group Large Humidor also possesses a spacious interior and is beautifully polished and colored. Style and efficiency were considered in the design, and this has made it a cigar smokers’ favorite.

Another comparative advantage of this humidor is that included in its design is a gold lock with spare keys, and internal brass hinges with a heavy-duty center hinge for additional lid support.

All in all, the ​Prestige Import Group humidor is a delight. This humidor makes it seem like you are in a cigar shop when selecting your favorite cigar and makes for a wonderful display for at home, especially if you have cherry wood bookcases or other wood furniture.

Prestige Import Group Large Humidor

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

large wooden box with drawers

  • Accurate hygrometer
  • Quality wood
  • Locks with keys to prevent child access
  • Great price to value ratio
  • Superior quality
  • Classy finished look
  • Large storage capacity


  • A gold lock with spare keys
  • It has enough room to store up to 300 cigars
  • Burl wood veneer with a high gloss finish
  • Color: Cherry finish
  • 2 pull-out accessory drawers/lock and key
  • Huge lift-out Spanish cedar tray
  • Dimensions: 12.5” (width) x 12.5” (depth) x 20.5” (height)
  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Superior quality and made from very good materials
  • A shipping weight of 17.4 pounds

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Comes with 2 large humidifiers to insure proper humidity distribution
  • Superior quality
  • Classy finished look
  • Large storage capacity
  • Comes with Spanish cedar dividers to further section your cigar collection
  • A lockable glass front door makes it easy to see the humidity level
  • Accurate hygrometer
  • Quality wood
  • Locks with keys to prevent child access
  • Great price to value ratio


  • May not be ideal for new cigar smokers
  • Too much space for casual cigar smokers
  • Recommended for people with a serious cigar collection

​Customer Reviews

large wooden box with drawers

The Prestige Import Group Humidor has been ranked high by cigar smokers, with an overall rating of 4.1 stars on Amazon. In fact, more than 60% of reviewers gave this humidor a perfect 5-star rating.

Its 300 cigar storage capacity, its ability to keep humidity, as well as the handsome appearance of the Landmark has won the heart of cigar connoisseurs. The highly polished cherry wood exterior makes it distinguished and eye catching.

Despite the massive praises heaped on this humidor, there are some complaints. Some purchasers said that in taking a closer look, it isn’t cherry but a different red—lipstick red.

Some users also suggested including a water feed for the humidity, while some complained of having to lock the unit at all times to ensure humidity doesn’t escape.

A number of users went as far as describing the lock mechanism as the worst seen, calling it flimsy and cheap, while also lamenting that the metal bracket has come off a few times, causing them to do some adjustments by drill, glue, and threading.

Several others also admitted to the difficulty encountered when closing the door as the seal wasn’t up to scratch or anywhere close to what it should be.  A suggestion of removing the rubber seal and replacing it with a black leather seal was however raised by a concerned customer.

He did suggest that it might be tight at first, but it will conform to the door when it is locked shut for a while. A number of users were vociferous at what they termed as mediocre delivery, but they did confess to receiving it in great packing condition.

Another prevalent issue is that the top had trouble closing and the bottom left drawer stuck, which made opening it a little difficult. Only a small number of purchasers of this product complained about cosmetic and detail imperfections, and some suggested a slight alteration to the design such that there would be at least one deeper drawer.

Landmark humidor is a premium cigar humidor. It gives a prestigious feel as it is furnished with cherry wood finish.

One of the main features of these humidors is the fact that they are spacious and preserve your cigars at all times. These humidors have the ability to regulate humidity inside ensuring the cigars are in great condition thanks to the humidifiers.

This increases storage life of the cigars to around two weeks. Premium cigars need to be kept in low temperatures ranging around 73F and a humidity level of 70%.

Humidors help solve problems and prevent certain issues such as, broken wrappers, difficulty in maintaining the cigar when lit, holes in the cigars, infestation, bitter taste and uneven burning.

The humidor is also divided into sections which allows smokers to arrange cigars according to their sizes. The drawers offer space for keeping things like lighters, and cutters.

Conclusion & Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

large wooden box with drawersThe Prestige Import Group Large Humidor is good value for all the features it possesses. Even if some users weren’t impressed with some details, a large number of them attested to the ability of the humidor to keep their cigars humidified, and they weren’t faced with the problem of losing humidity.

Another popular opinion was that the humidor should cost more than its actual price due to its efficiency and attractive looks, coupled with the fact that it is perfect for segregating cigars.

This humidor should be your number one choice if you are serious about enjoying your cigars, especially those who love them fresh, fragrant, and the way they are meant to be.

It is recommended that should you encounter any issue, it is better to contact the manufacturer or reseller with images of the issue and have it rectified rather than sending the product back as this would save time and energy.

Nonetheless, the ​Prestige Import Group Humido​r is an excellent item.