There are many good reasons for people to smoke cigars, whether it’s celebrating the start of a new year, a promotion at work, or the birth of a child. Cigar smoking can be the perfect way to commemorate important moments in your life, or they can be a great way to unwind after a long day at work.

Below, you’ll find the top 6 reasons to light up your favorite stogie and enjoy the sweet aroma and rich flavor your that cigar has to offer.

When a Child is Born

This is by far the most popular time for men to smoke a fine cigar with friends and family. Lighting up a premium cigar when a child is born has been a tradition for centuries. This is often a very proud moment in a man’s life, and it’s very common and ritualistic for a man to hand out cigars when their child is born, especially if it’s a son. This tradition has been followed for hundreds of years and all started back when it was common for women to give birth at home, with the help of an experienced midwife.

The expectant father would wait close by in a separate room as the labor took place. During this time, smoking a cigar provided a way for the father to relax during an exciting, yet overwhelming time. These days, cigars are still handed out when a baby has arrived. In fact, there are many major cigar brands that produce cigars with “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” clearly printed on the cigar’s wrapper.

Feeling Victorious

Did your favorite sports team win the championship? Did you crush a sale or earn a promotion? Smoking to celebrate a victory is the perfect way to relish the moment and it’s another excellent reason to fire up your favorite cigar, sit back, and enjoy.


There are many important personal milestones in a person’s life, whether it’s graduating from college, buying a house or new car, or landing a better job. It’s also a great reason to celebrate the moment by smoking your favorite cigar, passing them out to family and friends, and enjoying this important turning point in your life.


No wedding reception would really be complete without the father of the bride passing out cigars. The best man is also known to hand out cigars as the groom gets ready for his big moment, or during the bachelor party when a group of buddies take out the groom for one final celebration before the big day.


Whether it’s Christmas Eve, new year’s eve, or thanksgiving, whenever the family gathers around to celebrate the festivities, a cigar will be the perfect addition and one that allows you to relax with your loved ones and enjoy the moment. For many men, there really is nothing like lighting a premium cigar after a thanksgiving feast. Whatever holiday it is, it just won’t be complete without a nice aged scotch and a fine cigar to finish it off.

Relaxing with a Cigar

Relaxation is the main reason a person will smoke a cigar and it’s one of the best ways to unwind after a long day or long week of work. For some, cigars are a form of therapy. While there’s no doubt that smoking has earned a bad rap over the years because of the health risks associated, for many men, sitting in their favorite chair or in their favorite smoking spot, cutting their cigar, and lighting it up is a calming and relaxing ritual that gives them plenty of joy.

It can do wonders in terms of stress relief, especially if you’ve had a particularly tough day at work, you want to celebrate a personal victory privately, or you just want to sit back and relax and enjoy and soak in all of the comforts of home.

Other Reasons to Smoke Cigars

While you’ve read the top six reasons most people will light up a cigar, there are other reasons some people decide to fire up a cigar, whether it’s for social purposes, as a natural way to deal with anxiety, or as a smooth ice breaker.

The Ice Breaker

Maybe you’ve just met your in laws, you have an important dinner meeting, or you’ve just joined a private smoking club. A cigar can help to break the ice among fellow smokers like you would not believe. This is especially true for people with social anxiety or those who are simply naturally shy. Sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for a good cigar can bring you and your new father in law together, can help you reach common ground with a new client, or can bring you closer to your new smoking buddies.

Simple Enjoyment

For the cigar aficionado, there’s something about the taste and smell of a fine cigar that offers an almost nostalgic feeling. So, do you really need a special reason to smoke a cigar? No, you don’t.

Maybe you just want to smoke for the sake of the rich aroma and flavor that your favorite cigar has to offer, or maybe a buddy gave you a new cigar to try. If you’re a serious smoker, you don’t need a special occasion to light up. For many cigar smokers, it’s all about the ritual of unwrapping, cutting, and lighting the cigar. No reason needed.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the 6 good reasons people smoke cigars, maybe you’ll order those special cigars for the next birth of a child, or bring along your premium cigars to your next golf course client meeting.

There’s really no shortage of reasons to smoke a fine stogie, whether it’s a way to break the ice, a way to relax, or to celebrate a special moment in your life. Cigars have a way of making those moments more special and allow you to truly relax and enjoy those moments in your life that are worth celebrating.