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When it comes to smoking cigars, sometimes a cheap cigarette lighter is simply not enough.

Those who have experience smoking cigars know just how much better a cigar lighter will ignite and toast their cigars, and improve the overall taste experience.

Cheap cigarette lighters, on the other hand, could ruin the taste, as their fluid is too light and won’t give the cigar smoking experience you desire.

Butane lighters are a popular type of lighter, especially when it comes to lighting cigars. However, there are various other types available on the market nowadays, and some we which will explore in this article.

We take a look at three of the best cigar lighter products on the current market, to give you a better idea of what exactly to look out for.

Best Cigar Lighter Reviews

1. Dual Arc Plasma Lighter USB LcFun

The first cigar lighter to feature on our list is the dual arc USB lighter by LcFun. This lighter features a brand new design and comes with a lot of nice extras.


High-quality battery

You won’t need to worry about running out of battery as with this cigar lighter, you have the option to recharge wherever you are. Thanks to a strong lithium battery, which can hold around 1.5 hours’ full charge, this has the potential to light 40-60 cigars or cigarettes per charge. A USB port is also included, allowing users to charge with ease.

Flameless design

The Arc lighter has received an upgrade in its design and features no flames. This means it is pretty safe and helps prevent any accidental fires from occurring. It is also very weather resistant and will work well even in rainy and windy conditions.

Multiple color options

In terms of style, you won’t be disappointed at the various designs available. There are seven different colors including different shades of black and grey with several patterns to choose from.


  • Zero gas or fluid required
  • Rechargeable
  • Energy Saving
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient
  • USB port


  • The battery can take a while to charge


LcFun offers all kinds of dual arc electronic cigarette lighters as well as various other designs. They have many different products and offer a lifetime guarantee with many of them.


2.  Pard Windproof Cross Arc Lighter

The second cigar lighter featured on our list is the rechargeable flameless electronic lighter by Pard. This lighter is another flameless style much like that of the previous LcFun model, and also has rechargeable possibilities.


Plasma beam arc

This lighter features a plasma beam arc and has a wider application. This means it will work much better in poor weather conditions, unlike a traditional lighter which struggles in wind or rain. There is no gas or fuel required to ignite this lighter, and it is easy to carry for both indoor and outdoor use.

Durable metal design

Most lighters wear very easily and leave you needing to buy another. With the Pard lighter, however — thanks to its durable metal material design —there will be no color fading, and it will guarantee that your charger will last a longer time than your more standard lighter.

USB rechargeable

With a USB charging port included in the design, you can easily charge your lighter whenever it needs it. It only requires 1 to 1.5 hours to fully charge, and you are ready to go.


  • USB rechargeable
  • Wider application
  • No gas or fuel required
  • Lightweight design
  • Double arc
  • Durable metal material


  • The battery didn’t last as long as hoped


Pard offers a selection of electronic goods for the home and products which will aim to make your life easier. Their arc lighters are popular and come in a variety of different designs, meaning you will find something which suits you.


3.  Andolfi Tabletop Butane Cigar Lighter

The third and final cigar lighter to feature on our list is the cigar lighter by Andolfi. Unlike the previous lighters we reviewed, this one features a tabletop design and has a very Italian-inspired look. We take a more in-depth look at its key features below.


High-end design

If you like good quality and high-end products, this cigar lighter is the one for you. It features a very sophisticated look, and would look great on any office desk. With its Italian-inspired look, it is very stylish indeed, and perfect for fancy cigar lovers.

Butane tank

Unlike the previous models we looked at, the Andolfi lighter features a unique butane tank which is of very high capacity. This can keep your cigars lit and will not run out of fuel.

Easy to use

When it comes to using a cigar lighter, you want something that will be easy with no fuss. No need to worry as with the Andolfi, you simply ignite using a single button which ignites a powerful quad flame.


  • High-end design
  • Tabletop style
  • High capacity butane tank
  • Easy to use
  • Large size
  • Moveable head


  • The lighter is shipped without butane


Andolfi manufactures a range of top quality products, and their cigar lighters are very in demand. Thanks to their durability and lifetime money back guarantee, they are the perfect option for cigar lovers.


Which is the Best Cigar Lighter?

So which is the best cigar lighter for you? We think all of the products we have featured will provide you with some quality smoking, and each lighter is worth investing in if you love cigars.

If you are shopping on a budget, however, you may be more interested in finding the most affordable option for you. The most economic lighter featured on our list is the Dual Arc Plasma Lighter by LcFun, followed by the Pard Windproof Cross Arc Lighter.

The most expensive lighter is the Andolfi Table Top Butane Cigar Lighter, as it features a table top, sophisticated design.

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