What Makes a Good Cigar Humidor

What Makes a Good Cigar Humidor
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Any cigar aficionado knows what makes a good cigar humidor and the essential part it plays in heightening the cigar experience. Unlike cigarettes, cigars are more expensive, and no true cigar smoker smokes up to ten to twenty cigars a day.

This makes storing them safely and ensuring their quality isn’t sacrificed a must-do.

The best and perhaps the only safest and securest way to store your cigars is to spend a little extra on the best cigar humidor you can find.

If you are new to the world of cigars and cigar storage, it is understandable that you’re not sure about which humidor to get.  Many cigar humidor brands boast of different and added features; this makes shopping for one a daunting task.

To help you in your search, here are some of the essential components for a cigar humidor to be worth the money.

Cigar Humidor Humidifiers

As the title suggests, the core function of a cigar humidor is to maintain a certain relative humidity inside the box. This means that your humidor must be equipped with a functional humidifier to keep the cigars in top condition.

This part is the most important because cigars are manufactured in countries with humidity levels varying from 65% to 72%. If you leave your cigars out, where the humidity is less, they will highly likely dry up quickly, become brittle and have a sharp and bitter taste – if you can even smoke them, that is.

Cigar Humidor Humidifiers

Although most cigar humidors will come with a humidifier, here are other options to check out:

Green Foam Humidifiers

  • Pros:
    It is the most common and cheapest type of humidifier.
  • Cons:
    Frequent refills are needed, and accuracy of humidity is not very reliable.

Gel Humidifiers

  • Pros:
    These humidifiers are also very common, affordable, easy to use and to refill. They last longer than the green foam and are more accurate.
  • Cons:
    Occupies a lot of space in a cigar humidor.

Pillow Humidifiers

  • Pros:
    Best humidifiers for traveling—easy to replace and use.
  • Cons:
    Not very accurate. This type of humidifier is best only for short term use.

Electronic Humidifiers

  • Pros:
    Very accurate and easy to use humidifiers, a hygrometer is included.
  • Cons:
    Very expensive and takes space. Needs a power supply because battery-powered humidifiers are not as reliable.

Consider your budget and your needs before buying a humidifier, but for many, the gel humidifier is still their go to choice because it is both accurate and affordable. If you’re not so sure about spending a little extra for the electronic humidifier, stick to the affordable and yet reliable humidifier instead, you and your cigars will be thankful.


Another component of a cigar humidor is the hygrometer, used for measuring the humidity inside the box. Although you can feel your cigars with your fingers if they are moist enough, the less you handle them with your hands, the better.

As a general rule, make sure that the hygrometers read at about 65% at any given time. If it drops below this number, just add distilled water to the humidifier to keep conditions balanced.

There are only two types: an analog and digital hygrometer. An analog hygrometer usually comes with a metal spring.

Digital hygrometers, on the other hand, are easier to read and no longer require calibration. But as a precaution, make sure to check the calibration of the hygrometer, whether it is analog or digital.


A thermometer is considered as an added feature for a cigar humidor. Although most humidors do not come with a thermometer, it is a very good idea to have one.

Keeping a constant temperature is also key in preserving your cigars. This is because when the temperature exceeds 72°F, this will make the tobacco susceptible to tobacco beetle infestation which can easily spread from one cigar to the rest.

Adding a thermometer to your cigar humidor will cost you extra, but it will also protect your cigars from damage, making it a good investment.

Here’s two (2) of the Best Cigar Humidors to Consider to consider today…

If you’re still deciding about the best cigar humidor here’s two humidors with rave reviews:

La Cubana Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor​

La Cubana is one of the most famous humidor brands because it has always been reliable. It also has a classy finish which makes a great addition to any office or home desk.

The sleek and polished humidor comes highly recommended by many users, and it is worth looking into if you are serious about storing your cigars.


  • Solid wood with metal frame
  • Interior made with high-quality cedar for added aroma and moisture protection
  • Felt-lined bottom
  • Two compartments
  • Can store up to 50 cigars


  • Very durable
  • Comes with hygrometer and humidifier
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Classy finished look
  • Convenient and wide storage space
  • High-quality


  • Pricey
  • Not a good humidor for new cigar aficionados
  • Too much space for casual cigar smokers


The La Cubana is an excellent humidor but might be a little expensive for starters. If you’re just joining the world of cigar aficionados, this may not be a good humidor to buy. Look for a smaller, more affordable brand instead.

Scorch Torch 25-50 Cigar Humidor

Another very popular brand of humidors is Scorch Torch. They produce quality humidors that are very affordable. Here’s a quick look into one of their most popular humidors:


  • Warm and woodsy finish
  • Comes with hygrometer and humidifier
  • Can fit cigars vertically and horizontally


  • Great starter humidor
  • Fits a lot of cigars
  • Can be used at home or in the office and on-the-go
  • High-quality
  • Great value
  • Tested and proven by many users


  • Humidity readings can be inconsistent
  • Difficult to maintain humidity
  • Constant monitoring is needed


The Scorch Torch makes a great starter humidor because it is affordable and has room for a lot of cigars. Be extra careful with the relative humidity though as it might be hard to maintain.

Just a little patience and you’ll achieve that desired humidity and temperature level.


Not all cigar humidors are made the same, but shelling out a few extra dollars to create the perfect conditions inside the box is a smart idea because consistency is crucial. Whether it’s the humidity or the temperature inside the humidor, they all need to be constantly monitored.

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