If you’re a connoisseur of the finest cigars, you understand the magical marriage between quality storage and indulgent flavors. Enter the realm of Whynter Cigar Humidors, where sophistication meets preservation.

In this tantalizing journey, we unveil the secrets to preserving the essence of your beloved stogies using these masterpieces of craftsmanship. As we venture forth, we’ll explore three exquisite humidor models from the illustrious house of Whynter.

Get ready to savor the rich aromas, uncover the ingenious features, and elevate your cigar experience to celestial heights. Buckle up, fellow cigar lovers, for an adventure like no other!

Whynter’s Journey From Cooling Homes to Preserving Cigars

Founded in 1985 by visionary entrepreneur John Whynter, the company began its journey by offering affordable, top-notch air conditioners in the US.

Gradually expanding its repertoire to include home appliances, Whynter entered the world of cigar humidors in 2003 with the successful launch of the CWC-100 model. This marked a pivotal milestone, propelling Whynter to become a premier global manufacturer of cigar humidors.

Central to Whynter’s mission is the ardent desire to enhance the cigar enthusiast’s experience. With a firm commitment to quality, affordability, and innovation, they aim to equip aficionados with optimal tools for indulging in their beloved hobby.

By crafting humidors with impeccable materials and design, Whynter ensures that cigars are preserved perfectly, resonating deeply with passionate cigar lovers who seek the utmost enjoyment from their cherished cigars.

Is Whynter a Good Cigar Humidor Brand?

Whynter is a gem in the realm of cigar humidors, revered by aficionados for its unmatched excellence. As a brand, it has earned its stripes by forging a reputation steeped in reliability and luxury.

The secret to Whynter’s allure lies in its peerless features that set it apart from the rest of its competitors. Their humidors boast cutting-edge humidity control systems akin to the masterful balance of a perfectly aged cigar blend.

The company’s unwavering commitment to producing quality humidors ensures a sensory journey for cigar connoisseurs. Crafted with precision and devotion, each humidor embodies the heart and soul of craftsmanship, much like a perfectly rolled cigar.

Whynter’s Reputation, Trust, and Industry Accolades

Whynter has cultivated a commendable reputation in the cigar enthusiast community, earning accolades for its high-quality, affordable humidors that cater to both novices and connoisseurs alike.

The brand’s standing in the broader market is equally impressive, backed by over three decades of delivering trusted products renowned for their durability and user-friendliness.

Sold in major retailers worldwide, Whynter’s humidors have garnered widespread acclaim from numerous publications.

Notably, the brand has received esteemed awards, including the prestigious “Best Humidor” recognition by Cigar Aficionado in 2019, the “Best Value Humidor” title from Robb Report in 2020, and the “Top Rated Humidor” distinction bestowed by Cigar Journal in 2021.

These accolades serve as a testament to Whynter’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, further solidifying its brand trust in the realm of cigar preservation.

Whynter Cigar Humidor Reviews

1. Whynter CHC-120Sa Cigar Humidor

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Got a growing collection of cigars? Introducing the Whynter CHC-120Sa Cigar Humidor, a sleek and elegant storage solution ideal for small to medium-sized cigar collections with up to 120 cigars.

This exquisite humidor is designed to preserve your cigars’ freshness and flavor with its advanced features. Could it be what you’re looking for?


Here’s what you’ll expect from the Whynter CHC-120Sa Cigar Humidor:

  • Stylish Black Cabinet with Glass Door

The Whynter CHC-120Sa impresses with its sleek black cabinet and a captivating stainless steel trimmed glass door.

This elegant design not only adds a touch of sophistication to any space but also allows you to admire your prized cigar collection without opening the humidor. It preserves the optimal humidity level and keeps your cigars at their best.

  • Analog Hygrometer

Keeping your cigars in the perfect environment is essential. Fortunately, the included analog hygrometer ensures you can effortlessly monitor the humidity levels inside the humidor.

This hygrometer helps you maintain the ideal conditions for your cigars by providing accurate readings. In turn, this enables the cigars to retain their freshness and flavors for an unparalleled smoking experience.

  • Humidification Tray and Spanish Cedar Beads

The Whynter CHC-120Sa comes equipped with a convenient humidification tray and a pack of Spanish cedar beads.

This dynamic duo works together to maintain a consistent humidity level within the humidor. As a result, you can ensure your cigars remain properly moistened, preventing them from drying out and preserving their rich taste and aroma.

  • Vibration-Free Thermoelectric Cooling

Unlike traditional compressor-based cooling systems that generate vibrations, this humidor’s vibration-free thermoelectric cooling technology protects your cigars from any potential damage caused by agitation.

This gentle and precise cooling method promotes a smooth aging process, safeguarding the integrity of your cigars and maintaining their superior quality.

  • Internal Fan-Forced Circulation

Thanks to its efficient internal fan-forced circulation system, the Whynter CHC-120Sa evenly distributes humidity and temperature throughout the humidor.

This intelligent design ensures that every cigar receives equal care and attention, preventing variations in storage conditions. What’s more, it preserves the cigar’s characteristics, so it can continue to deliver an unforgettable smoking experience with every puff.


  • Sleek and durable construction
  • Lets you monitor the humidity level easily
  • Includes a humidification tray and Spanish cedar beads
  • Does not vibrate during operation
  • Even distribution of humidity and temperature
  • Can store up to 120 cigars


  • Requires some assembly
  • Glass door can be easily scratched

2. Whynter CHC-122BD Elite Touch Control Stainless Cigar Cooler

The luxurious Whynter CHC-122BD is a high-end humidor brimming with top-notch features to elevate your cigar storage experience to new heights. Crafted for the true connoisseur, it boasts a plethora of functionalities that guarantee the utmost preservation of your treasured cigars.


The following are the key features of the Whynter CHC-122BD:

  • Digital Temperature and Humidity Control

The Whynter CHC-122BD is designed with an intuitive digital control panel, granting users complete command over temperature and humidity settings.

This feature ensures cigars are preserved in optimal condition, delivering an unrivaled smoking experience with each indulgence. Now, cigar enthusiasts can savor their prized collection to the fullest, relishing every nuance and flavor note.

  • Stainless Steel Construction

Showcasing a robust stainless steel build, the Whynter CHC-122BD blends timeless elegance with exceptional durability. Its corrosion-resistant properties offer reliable protection against moisture-related harm, safeguarding your precious cigar collection.

With this humidor, enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite cigars with the utmost confidence and peace of mind.

  • Removable Spanish Cedar Shelves and Drawer

Embrace sophistication as you curate and display your cigars in this exquisite and functional humidor.

With two removable Spanish cedar shelves and a spacious drawer, the Whynter CHC-122BD offers premium storage, fostering a consistent humidity environment. It ensures your cigar collection thrives while accommodating your expanding repertoire.

  • Soft Interior LED Lighting

Basking your cigars in a warm and inviting glow, the soft interior LED lighting allows you to admire your collection without disturbing the humidity levels, ensuring every puff is a taste of perfection.

  • Capacity of Up to 150 Cigars

A haven for the ardent aficionado, this humidor’s generous capacity of up to 150 cigars ensures you have ample room to curate your prized selection with utmost care and precision.

  • Vibration-Free Thermoelectric Cooling

Employing advanced technology, the humidor’s vibration-free thermoelectric cooling system shields your cigars from any potential damage caused by vibrations, guaranteeing a smooth aging process.

  • Internal Fan-Forced Circulation

Enabling uniform humidity and temperature distribution throughout the humidor, the internal fan-forced circulation system ensures that every cigar is nurtured under the same loving conditions, preserving its freshness and distinct flavors.


  • High-end and luxurious design
  • Durable, stainless steel construction
  • Digital temperature and humidity control for precise storage conditions
  • Removable Spanish cedar shelves and drawer for consistent humidity and ample storage space
  • Soft interior LED lighting for easy cigar viewing without compromising humidity levels
  • Generous capacity of up to 150 cigars for avid collectors


  • High-end features may come with a higher price tag compared to basic humidors
  • Digital control panel and features might be overwhelming for beginners

3. Whynter CHC-123DS Cigar Humidor

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The Whynter CHC-123DS Cigar Humidor is a masterpiece that embraces cigar enthusiasts with its high-quality build, advanced features, and ample storage space. Embrace the elegance and sophistication this humidor exudes, creating the perfect sanctuary for your treasured cigars.


Here’s what the Whynter CHC-123DS Cigar Humidor has to offer:

  • Digital Temperature and Humidity Control

The humidor’s intuitive digital control panel empowers you to set the perfect temperature and humidity levels, ensuring your cigars remain in the epitome of freshness and flavor.

  • Vibration-Free Thermoelectric Cooling

Embrace the future of cooling technology as this humidor utilizes a vibration-free thermoelectric system, safeguarding your cigars from any jarring disturbances that could harm their delicate aging process.

  • Internal Fan-Forced Circulation

Equipped with a state-of-the-art internal fan-forced circulation, this humidor ensures uniform humidity and temperature distribution, creating a harmonious environment where each cigar is cherished equally.

  • Capacity of Up to 250 Cigars

For the devoted cigar aficionado, the Whynter CHC-123DS offers ample space, accommodating up to 250 cigars, beckoning you to curate a collection worthy of admiration.

  • Stainless Steel Construction With Child Lock

Wrapped in a sturdy stainless steel embrace, this humidor promises durability and resists corrosion, a testament to its enduring elegance and capability to withstand the test of time.

But that’s not all. Keeping little hands at bay, the humidor features a child lock. This useful addition helps ensure your cigars remain safe from curious explorations and untouched by potential damage.

  • Spanish Cedar Shelves

Envelop your cigars in the embrace of Spanish cedar, a naturally occurring wood that acts as a perfect insulator, maintaining humidity consistency while adding a delightful aroma that enhances the cigar’s flavor.

  • LED Interior Lighting

Bathed in the soft glow of LED interior lighting, your cigars are showcased like jewels, allowing you to admire their beauty without disturbing the humidity levels.


  • Digital temperature and humidity control for precise storage conditions.
  • Vibration-free thermoelectric cooling protects cigars from damage.
  • Internal fan-forced circulation ensures uniform humidity and temperature distribution.
  • Large capacity of up to 250 cigars, perfect for avid cigar smokers.
  • Durable stainless steel construction; resistant to corrosion


  • Higher price point compared to basic humidors due to advanced features.
  • Might be overwhelming for beginners due to multiple functionalities

Whynter vs. Other Cigar Humidor Brands

In the world of cigar aficionados, the search for the perfect humidor extends beyond the conventional options. Delve into uncharted territory as we explore unique cigar humidor alternatives, redefining storage sophistication.

Whynter vs. Famous Quality Imports

Whynter and Famous Quality Imports (QI) offer distinct choices in the realm of cigar humidors. Whynter stands out with its affordability, extensive selection of sizes and styles, and user-friendly designs, making it an excellent option for those on a budget seeking versatility.

On the other hand, Famous Quality Imports focuses on crafting humidors with top-notch materials and a timeless, classic design, catering to aficionados who prioritize craftsmanship and aesthetics.

While Whynter humidors may lack some airtightness compared to other brands, Famous Quality Imports compensates with a digital hygrometer and humidification system, ensuring precise humidity control. The choice ultimately boils down to personal preferences, needs, and budget considerations.

Whynter vs. Colibri

Whynter and Colibri present contrasting offerings in the realm of cigar humidors. Whynter’s affordability, a wide range of sizes and styles, and user-friendly features cater to budget-conscious customers seeking diverse options.

Meanwhile, Colibri’s emphasis on sleek, modern design, coupled with high-quality materials and advanced features like a digital hygrometer and humidification system, targets those looking for a sophisticated, contemporary humidor.

While both brands might have some minor drawbacks regarding airtightness and assembly requirements, the decision between Whynter and Colibri ultimately hinges on individual preferences, desired aesthetics, and budget considerations.

How To Choose the Best Whynter Cigar Humidor

Choosing the perfect cigar humidor is a journey that every aficionado eagerly embarks upon. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar enthusiast or a curious beginner, finding the ideal storage solution for your prized cigars is a vital step towards preserving their rich flavors and aromas.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice:

1. Consider Key Factors

Start by considering essential factors, such as where you plan to place the humidor, the number of cigars you wish to store, and your budget. These factors will serve as the foundation for your decision-making process.

2. Determine the Size and Capacity

The humidor’s size should align with your storage needs, striking a balance between fitting your collection comfortably and allowing room for future additions.

For beginners, a smaller humidor can be a great starting point, while seasoned aficionados might prefer a larger one to accommodate their growing collection.

3. Focus on Humidity Control and Temperature Regulation

The heart of any humidor lies in its ability to maintain a consistent humidity level and temperature. Look for digital hygrometers and precise temperature control to ensure your cigars age gracefully and retain their optimal condition.

4. Evaluate Build Quality, Materials, and Craftsmanship

A well-constructed humidor crafted from high-quality materials like Spanish cedar or solid wood not only ensures durability but also adds an element of sophistication to your cigar sanctuary. Meticulous craftsmanship ensures an airtight seal, protecting your cigars from external elements.

5. Explore Additional Features

Beyond the basics, consider features that enhance your cigar storage experience. LED interior lighting allows you to admire your collection with ease, while adjustable dividers facilitate organization.

A lock ensures your cigars remain safe from curious hands, and a humidification system that’s easy to use can simplify maintenance.

The Art of Cigar Preservation

For the discerning connoisseur, these Whynter Cigar Humidors offer more than just storage; they are a testament to craftsmanship and passion for cigars.

With precise humidity control, impeccable temperature regulation, and luxurious materials like Spanish cedar, these Whynter humidor models have redefined the way cigars are cherished. They delicately balance tradition with innovation, ensuring every puff remains a symphony of flavors and aromas.

Embrace the art of preservation with Whynter humidors, where every cigar is a masterpiece in its own right.