When we talk about cigars, one accessory that never leaves the conversation is the humidor.

As we all know, a top-quality humidor is one of the most important investments you need to keep your precious cigars fresh.

You will find countless humidors in the market today, but some of them are not as efficient as you want your cigar storage unit to be.

Don’t worry. We found a brand that is relatively affordable but delivers quality and sophistication.

In this Woodronic humidor review, we’ll introduce five cigar humidors that are worth every penny.

Woodronic Humidor Review

1. Enstatit A5043 Woodronic Humidor

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Straight from the desktop humidor department, we present you the Enstatit A5043. This 25-50 CT humidor is just the right size for the casual cigar smoker.


The Enstatit A5043 comes with two Boveda packs capable of maintaining the optimum humidity level of 72%.

One of the best things about this humidor is that it has a cigar accessory drawer at the bottom. This thin shelf is perfect for storing lighters, cutters, and even cigar cases.

The custom-crafted cigar accessory drawer includes an attractive brass-styled handle to improve the overall aesthetic of the humidor.

Though relatively small, this humidor comes with a digital hygrometer that monitors the internal humidity and temperature of the storage unit.

The lid is installed with brass quadrant hinges to prevent slamming it against the box.

Additionally, the container comes with a Spanish cedar liner and divider. This allows you to separate two types of cigars according to their strength.

The cedar liner also keeps your cigars fresh and aromatic.

The glossy ebony finish and the glass top further enhance the sleek design of the Enstatit A5043.

Yes, Woodronic used its highly in-demand acrylic display window on this unit, allowing you to admire your collection without opening the lid.

Finally, the Enstatit A5043 boasts a one-year warranty and a superb customer support team to help with any of your concerns.


  • Includes two Boveda packs
  • Cigar accessory drawer
  • Elegant design and finish
  • Digital hygrometer
  • Shock-absorbing hinges
  • Spanish cedar divider and liner


  • Stores a maximum of 50 sticks
  • Glass top may affect humidity levels

2. Mantle A5033 Cigar Humidor

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The Mantle series of Woodronic cigar humidors consists of two desktop storage units. The A5033 is a 35-50 CT humidor perfect for a smaller collection of cigars.


One of the first things to love about the A5033 Cigar Humidor is its digital display inset hygrometer.

Electronic hygrometers are more accurate than analogs, which is a major advantage for this humidor.

Woodronic used one of its crystal gel cigar humidifiers to upgrade A5033’s humidification system.

The monitors are also improved, allowing the humidor to maintain a perfect 65% to 70% relative humidity.

Moreover, the A5033 Cigar Humidor comes with a number of cigar humidor accessories.

This includes an ebony veneer ashtray, a double-guillotine cigar cutter made from stainless steel, and a Spanish cedar divider.

Plus, Woodronic made sure you can admire your collection without opening the lid by installing a glass top on the humidor.

Since you won’t open the lid unless necessary, you don’t diminish the humidity balance within the humidor.

The bottom of the humidor is scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it scratching your tabletops.

Like the Enstatit A5043, the Mantle A5033 boasts a one-year warranty and Woodronic’s superb customer service.


  • Digital hygrometer
  • Crystal gel humidifier
  • Ebony finish ashtray
  • Cigar cutter
  • Spanish cedar divider


  • 35 to 50 cigar count range
  • Glass top may affect sealing and internal humidity

3. Axinite A5045 Cigar Cabinet

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The Woodronic Axinite A5045 is probably the most popular humidor from this series, maybe even from the brand.

It is a 100-150 CT, ebony finish cabinet that is perfect for mid-level cigar collections.


The Woodronic Axinite A5045 features three larger cigar drawers with handles.

Each drawer is 8.25 inches long, 7.25 inches wide, and 3.5 inches tall, allowing you to store up to 50 cigars each for a total of 150 sticks.

These measurements are carefully crafted to ensure you can fit the most common electric cigar humidifiers like Humidicup and Cigar Oasis.

Nonetheless, the Woodronic Axinite A5045 comes with its own humidity control packets. It maintains an average humidity level using crystal gel cigar humidifiers.

It also includes a digital, brass-plated, glass, front-mount hygrometer that reads not just an accurate humidity level but also the internal temperature of the cabinet.

Like all good cigar storage, it uses a Spanish cedar lining to release and absorb moisture while properly sealing the cabinet doors.

Additionally, the doors are equipped with magnetic seals to ensure the cigars are fresh and aromatic. Here’s a quick guide to tell if the seal is working properly.

Woodronic also integrated its see-through design into this cabinet using a clear acrylic glass door, allowing you to view your premium cigar collection without opening the door.

Of course, this Woodronic humidor also comes with a one-year warranty and the company’s excellent customer service.


  • Great for larger cigar collections
  • Fits common electric cigar humidifiers
  • Crystal gel cigar humidifiers
  • Digital glass hygrometer
  • Spanish cedar lining


  • Drawers and shelves are not Spanish cedar
  • The glass door may affect humidity over time

4. Armor A5030 Cigar Cabinet

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If you want a cigar storage unit that looks something like a cross between a humidor and a safe, check out the Armor A5030 Cigar Cabinet.

This 50-100 CT rosewood finish humidor is an excellent choice for casual cigar smokers with mid-level cigar collections.


As mentioned, the A5030 boasts a beautiful rosewood finish, but it’s also available in high-gloss polished piano black.

It has three cigar trays with dividers, all of which include one or two handles.

Each Spanish cedar tray is 8.25 inches long, 7.25 inches wide, and 2.5 inches tall, allowing you to store longer cigars and keep them fresh.

Aside from the trays, this humidor also uses Spanish cedar liners to maintain your cigar’s distinct aroma.

You will find an exterior hygrometer in the middle of the second drawer, with two handles on each side of the device.

Aside from measuring the humidor’s humidity range, the hygrometer can also measure the internal temperature of the unit.

The A5030 Cigar Cabinet comes with crystal gel cigar humidifiers, which provide a steady release of moisture to maintain the ideal humidity level.

As we all know, Woodronic craftspeople are the reason this brand rose to popularity.

The marquetry technique and real wood veneer combination used in making this humidor support that fact.

The cabinet’s door uses shock-absorbing hinges made out of brass to prevent slamming. The door also closes tightly for a highly-efficient seal.

Like most handmade products from Woodronic, the A5030 cigar cabinet comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Elegant glossy finish
  • Multiple trays
  • Spanish cedar drawers, dividers, and liners
  • Comes with a digital hygrometer
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Shock-absorbing hinges
  • See-through doors


  • Trays are short, limiting their capacity
  • The glass door may cause issues with humidity

5. Leonids A5046 Cigar Cabinet

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Looking for a 150-stick cigar capacity cabinet you can show off to your friends? Check out the Leonids A5046 Woodronic Cigar Humidor.

The level of sophistication that comes with this cigar cabinet is truly something worth the investment.


The Leonids A5046 is a combination of different types of wood that enhances not only its preservation properties but also its aesthetic quality.

What you will really love about this cabinet-style cigar humidor is its display.

Multiple LED spotlights are installed in the interior of the unit. This illuminates your cigar collection, making even the most common cigars look premium or high-end.

The cigar cabinet also comes with a USB charging system so you can recharge or provide power to the LED lights when necessary.

Each of the three Spanish cedar drawers is 8.25 inches long, 7.25 inches wide, and 3.5 inches tall, allowing you to fit common electric cigar humidifiers.

There’s also a digital thermo-hygrometer on the glass door, so you can monitor the humidity and temperature inside the unit.

Of course, you can also control the humidity levels of the humidor using the crystal gel cigar humidifiers that it comes with.

The door itself is lined with Spanish cedar wood and is equipped with a magnetic seal to ensure the humidor is closed properly.

Just be sure to season it before use so that your cigars can age properly.

Finally, the reflective wood surface combined with various brass elements in different parts of the humidor makes it an exceptional storage unit in terms of visual appeal.


  • Sophisticated, sleek design
  • LED spotlights
  • USB recharge
  • Can fit common electronic humidifiers
  • Digital thermo-hygrometer
  • Crystal gel humidifiers
  • Spanish cedar drawers and dividers.


  • The glass door may affect overall humidity levels

Best Woodronic Humidor

When choosing a storage unit for your cigar collection, it is important to determine how many cigars you plan to store and what other features you will need.

Thankfully, Woodronic can provide that to you.

If you have a smaller collection, we suggest getting the Enstatit A5043. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with the visual appeal the Leonids A5046 brings to the table.

Whichever you choose, we hope this Woodronic humidor review has been helpful to you.

With the quality of its products, we are more than certain this brand will become a staple in the cigar industry. Happy Puffing!