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Cigar cutter

Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter Review

The V-shaped cutter is one of the classic tools for getting a premium cigar ready to be smoked.  The iconic v-cut style is gaining popularity among cigar aficionados who are constantly exploring new blends and flavor profiles looking for a more concentrated smoke delivery. Besides the v-cut, there are also […]

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Top Teng Cigar Cutter Review

This Top Teng Cigar Cutter Review highlights the reliability of this guillotine-type. For some cigar smokers, a guillotine cigar cutter can be carried anywhere. It should be clear, especially to a beginning cigar smoker, that the quality of a cigar smoking experience depends on the neatness and precision of the […]

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Zino Double Bladed Cigar Cutter Review

Our Zino Double Bladed Cigar Cutter Review is finally here! This is a very popular cutter used by many cigar smokers today, due to its long list of great features that truly speak of just how reliable it is when it comes to cutting performance. This cigar cutter comes with […]