Cigar Humidors

how long can a cigar be out of a humidor

How Long Can a Cigar Be Out of a Humidor?

For cigar enthusiasts, the humidor is an indispensable companion, safeguarding our cherished stogies and preserving their unparalleled essence. But how well do we truly understand its significance? As cigar lovers, we savor each puff, seeking the perfect draw and the rich symphony of flavors. Yet, in the midst of enjoyment, […]

whynter cigar humidor

Whynter Cigar Humidor Review: The Finest Humidors for Cigar Connoisseurs

If you’re a connoisseur of the finest cigars, you understand the magical marriage between quality storage and indulgent flavors. Enter the realm of Whynter Cigar Humidors, where sophistication meets preservation. In this tantalizing journey, we unveil the secrets to preserving the essence of your beloved stogies using these masterpieces of […]

newair cigar humidor review

NewAir Cigar Humidor Review

Cigars are delicate products that require specific storage conditions to maintain their aroma, flavor, and texture. This is where the NewAir NCH250SS00 Wineador comes into play. With this humidor, your beloved cigars won’t dry out, lose their flavor, or grow mold. Designed to regulate humidity levels, it will help ensure […]

how do humidors work

How Do Humidors Work?

Humidors are specialized containers designed to store and preserve cigars, tobacco leaves, and other items that require a specific level of humidity to maintain their quality. They are essential for cigar aficionados who want to ensure their cigars remain fresh and flavorful for an extended period. But how do humidors […]

how to know when humidor is seasoned

How To Know When Humidor Is Seasoned

Do you like fine cigars and value the freshness of your collection above all else? If so, then you likely understand just how crucial it is to properly season your humidor. Seasoning a cigar humidor means preparing the interior to maintain the proper humidity level for storing cigars. When you […]

what is a humidor

What Is a Humidor?

When cigar lovers talk about their cigar collections and accessories, the humidor will always be part of the conversation. If you are a fresh cigar enthusiast, or you’re not familiar with how to store cigars at all, you might be wondering what is a humidor or humidor box in the […]

close-up Cigar

6 Best Acrylic Humidors

The best acrylic humidor can be a great alternative to a standard wooden humidor for many reasons. While humidors made out of acrylic are not as commonly found as their wooden counterpart, they can provide some benefits that a wooden model cannot, which I’ll go over in this buyer’s guide. […]

wooden humidor box

​Scorch Torch 25-50 Cigar Humidor Review

  ​Our Scorch Torch 25-50 Cigar Humidor Review reveals an ultra-affordable price tag and a humidor which is solid, with a very reliable performance. Scorch Torch has a reputation for producing quality humidors that are economically friendly. ​This classy clear-topped wooden box, which can hold anywhere from 25 to 50 […]

large wooden box with drawers

​Prestige Import Group Large Humidor Review

​Prestige Import Group Large Humidor Review reveals a unique cigar humidor and trail blazer in the industry. Tastefully furnished and with its extra large size, this quality cigar humidor comes with an extra bonus feature—2 pull-out accessory drawers with a lock and key. ​Prestige Import Group Large Humidor Review The […]

cherry box

​La Cubana Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor Review

​The La Cubana humidor boasts a solid performance as a cigar humidor for keeping high-quality cigars fresh and tasty.  In addition, the sophisticated design and finish makes it a great addition to any office or home. This sleek and polished humidor comes highly recommended by many stogie connoisseurs.  Purchasing one […]