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cigar beetles

Cigar Beetles: Understanding the Tiny Threat to Your Stogies

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you reach for your prized cigar only to discover that it’s been ravaged by tiny, uninvited guests? Cigar beetles are notorious pests that can wreak havoc on your cherished cigar collection. Also known as tobacco beetles, these tiny yet destructive insects feed […]

how long do cigars last in a humidor

How Long Do Cigars Last in a Humidor?

Cigars are like bottles of wine—they get better with age. However, how well they age will all depend on how you take care of them, particularly when it comes to storage. Cigar aficionados often use a humidor to store their cigar collections and let them age, but how long do […]

what is the most expensive cigar

What Is the Most Expensive Cigar in the World?

With the rich culture surrounding cigars, you’re probably wondering why some have hefty price tags. Cigar lovers will tell you of the special experience they get from each exquisite cigar they cross out from their bucket list. If you just developed a taste in smokes, you’re most certainly interested in […]

Gold cigar punch

How to Use a Cigar Punch the Right Way

Cigar lovers will tell you about different factors contributing to every cigar smoking experience with each unique type of cigar. While cigar brands and types matter, a wide range of cigar accessories, such as cutters and humidors, are also important. Regardless of what quality cigar you smoke, using a cutter […]

can you light a cigar with an arc lighter

Can You Light a Cigar With an Arc Lighter?

An arc lighter has many uses at home, but can you light a cigar with an arc lighter? Understandably, this is a question only asked by those who enjoy smoking a cigar once in a while. To answer that question and understand how doing so affects your cigar, you first […]

young man tasting cigars

How To Taste A Cigar – Cigar Tasting 101

One of the most overwhelming parts of the cigar world is just how many cigars there are out there. If you’re just now starting to get into cigars, the sheer number of different options you can try can quickly become too much. This is why knowing how to taste a […]

Wooden humidor

How To Tell If A Cigar Humidor Is Sealed Properly

In the world of cigar humidors, there are quite a lot of cheap, medium-priced, and expensive options for you to choose from. One of the main differences between cheaper and premium boxes is that the budget humidors hardly manage to keep their relative humidity in check. In most cases, this […]

Cigars in humidor

How To Season And Set Up Your New Humidor

Cigar humidors come in all sizes and shapes. The accessories that come with them also vary from model to model. This is why setting up a new humidor box isn’t always as straightforward as one would hope. Some models will come with their hygrometer unassembled (and uncalibrated), while others will […]

cigars stacked next to each other

Cigars Strength Guide – Mild, Medium, or Bold?

Smoking your favorite cigar after a long and successful day at work is one of the most enjoyable experiences out there. When you are just getting started in the cigar world, however, there will be plenty of information you will have to absorb. One of the most important aspects of […]

Hygrometer and cigars

How To Calibrate Your Hygrometer – Cigar Humidor Maintenance

While smoking cigars is the father of all hobbies, properly storing them and keeping them well-protected is a craft of its own. Most stogie smokers will own humidors and almost all modern cigar humidors come with a hygrometer, either digital or analog. These measuring units often tend to be inaccurate […]

dollars, whiskey and a cigar

Why Are Cuban Cigars So Expensive?

Cuban cigars have held their dominance over the market for centuries. But with the US embargo in place and with other countries claiming a stake in the cigar industry, Cuban cigar prices tend to be put under question. So, why are Cuban cigars so expensive? And do other cigars from […]

Close up of a Cuban cigar

5 Sure Ways To Tell A Cigar Has Gone Bad

Smoking a cigar is something many people prefer to enjoy on their off days, golf trips, and other occasions. However, improper cigar storage conditions, long periods without smoking them, and other factors can greatly impact a cigar’s quality and might even be responsible for ruining it. So, how to distinguish […]

Coffee cup, beans and a cigar

5 Unique-Tasting Cigars To Pair With Your Coffee

It is very common in the cigar world to pair cigars with cognac, whiskey, or other types of liquor. However, smoking one with your morning cup of joe is severely underrated. Coffee provides a flavor-rich background for cigars and both share similar processing stages of their development. Hence, they should […]

cigarettes and tobacco

Are Cigars Safer Than Cigarettes?

One of the most common misconceptions in the cigar world is that replacing your everyday cigarettes with occasional cigars is better. The main reasoning behind this is that you end up puffing far less frequently and less is better, right? Well, according to numerous research papers and studies, cigars are, […]

Burning luxury

How Far Down Should a Cigar be Smoked?

The beginner has so much to learn about cigar smoking, such as how far down should a cigar be smoked, how to light one correctly, and even the right and wrong way to ash it. In many cases, it’s really a matter of personal preference, but if you’re a beginner, […]